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We're a 'Tsunami' now

So, there's a new study out that you've probably heard about on the news. Depending on the mood you were in, you may have either shaken your head sadly or fallen over laughing.

Agence France-Presse (AFP), a news service, reports on it here: 'Tsunami' of obesity worldwide: study.

So, okay. The real name of the article is "Stemming the global tsunami of cardiovascular disease," and it was published in the medical journal The Lancet earlier this month.

The news release sums it up in a single sentence:

High-income countries have... seen a drop in cardiovascular diseases since 1980, despite high levels of obesity.

So, how does this translate into a 'Tsunami' of either heart disease or obesity? Well, apparently, we're all gonna keel over any minute now, folks. There's no data to support it, but surely it will happen soon, because there are so many bad, bad unhealthy fat people out there. Booga booga.

There's a good post about this wonderfully sound-bitey yet logic-challenged study over at Nicholosophy.

And now, please enjoy this awesome video of Jimbo Pellegrine. He's ready to ride that Tsunami!

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chondros February 11th, 2011 | Link | I think every news story on

I think every news story on the "obesity epidemic" should be required to include the phrase "Booga Booga."

MReap February 11th, 2011 | Link | Ha! I read the headline and

Ha! I read the headline and hadn't yet scrolled down to see there was a video clip. but the Hawaii Five-O theme was the first thing to pop into my head. It was cool to see that surfer clip!!

Bagfish's picture
February 11th, 2011 | Link | Best video I've seen for

Best video I've seen for ages, totally made me go WOW!

And boo for logic-challenged journalism, yet again....

pani113's picture
February 12th, 2011 | Link | Marketing, marketing,

Marketing, marketing, marketing. According to PR Watch, about 1/2 of articles in medical journals are really from Pharma. They want to cash in on developing nations. What is really obscene about MSM giving this so much attention is that the price of food is rising world wide in part because Wall St is now speculating in food. You know, the same scum who brought us the current economic crisis. Every day thousands more people can't afford adequate food. Why isn't THAT in the headlines. If they can do it in Egypt...........why oh why cant we put our own tyrants in place!

"Fat can be beautiful. Intolerance is ALWAYS ugly!"

strawberry February 12th, 2011 | Link | Dammit, I don't want to be a

Dammit, I don't want to be a tsunami. I want to be a rogue wave.

omnifrog February 13th, 2011 | Link | I learned to surf this year,

I learned to surf this year, and yeah, I'm a big dude. The first time I took a lesson was in south america - bad experience: wrong board, wrong method of standing up, etc. But then I went to Hawaii, a place with a tradition of fat guys on surf boards (polynesians tend to be stout people). They gave me a bigger board and a slightly different way of standing up and on my second wave, I was surfing. Later in the day I met the coolest guy in the shop, a guy who was a champion boarder, they had him on the video loop that was playing. He weighed nearly as much as me and was just awesome.

The entire experience made me want to move to Hawaii forever.

richie79's picture
February 13th, 2011 | Link | Looks as though the AFP has

Looks as though the AFP has been taking notes from the BBC about always throwing a booga-booga warning about obesity into articles which in a sane world would carry a positive slant (in this case, the falling levels of cardiovascular deaths). No doubt there's a deliberate agenda there, to deflect from the good news element because it doesn't fit the prevailing 'line' of a multi-faceted public health crisis that's (and possibly more importantly) the direct result of 'bad' lifestyles and moral irresponsibility. And after all, there's no news like bad news.

Re the vid: wasn't surfing as we know it invented in Polynesia? No shortage of (naturally, genetically) fat people on the Pacific islands, from what I'm led to believe.

"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" - Albert Einstein

Bilt4Cmfrt's picture
February 16th, 2011 | Link | With you on the Rogue Wave

With you on the Rogue Wave preference strawberry. But then I'm more partial to the 'Fat Rampage' interpretation of our, oh-so-amusing, ''Obesity Epidemic' to. Just call me militant.

The photo on the article? Very stylish and apropos. Two headless fatties frolicking in the waves at the beach. 'Cause it's an 'Obesity Tsunami' y'all!! See what they did there? Sad

On a less sarcastic note, what we have here is, yet another, iteration of the 'Worlds Fattest Countries' list. Just prettied up and with a little more stylistic elbow grease applied. Unlike previous attempts to frighten the world back into a more weight-loss centric mind set (People DO seem to be getting pretty bored with this crap). Where they would just throw the raw numbers up with a few fat puns, double entendres, and a 'UR FAT IS KILING U!1!1!' scare stat or two, this time they seem to be trying to actually dress it up as a kind of Public Interest / FYI piece.

Same Dog Shite, different sidewalk.

I often wonder what another intelligence, or maybe people from the future, might think about all the stupidity that gets fronted as 'Fact' these days. And how hard it might prove for them to parse ANY of this into something that resembles anything like logic.

Learn how to Logic- Lesson #8
Fatness is NOT an indicator of moral standing.
Nor does being thin make one 'Good', 'Healthy', or even 'better'.

Bilt4Cmfrt's picture
February 16th, 2011 | Link | BTW: DeeLeigh? The Jimbo

DeeLeigh? The Jimbo Pellegrine Vid?

Yeah, KIKS AZZ! Laughing out loud

Kewl find & thanks for including.

Learn how to Logic- Lesson #8
Fatness is NOT an indicator of moral standing.
Nor does being thin make one 'Good', 'Healthy', or even 'better'.

MarilynW's picture
February 20th, 2011 | Link | cowabunga!

Thank you so much for this video. It totally makes my day!

Omnifrog, I'm so glad you had a great time surfing. Mind telling me what shop/island? Just in case...

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