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Vive la ReVolution! It Starts January 1

New Year’s Eve is here, and for at least 3 weeks now we have been subjected to the annual bombardment of fat hate messages designed to send us keening into the unloving arms of Jenny, and WW, and all of their friends. The Very Serious Media (such as NPR and my hometown paper – New York Times) tart it up in pretty colors and words of concern and false empathy, but it’s the same stuff. Here are some examples. Don’t read the comments if you don’t want to come away with your sanity points in the red.

NPR clearly got itself a shiny new toy of some kind (crystal ball? Roulette wheel? Gatling gun?) and has been at the forefront of the barrage since much earlier this year with seriously biased information woven through the totality of its reporting on obesity. Here’s a link to its articles over the past 30 days for your perusal. Peruse at your own risk. Full disclosure – I support my local NPR station, but have been screaming at the radio for months now in the mornings when I hear some of this stuff.

The NYT – the Gray Lady – has some great writers. Gina Kolata, for one, has written about the topic of food and obesity extensively, sensitively, and accurately. Tara Parker-Pope really did try with one article, but it was a swing and a miss in my opinion (although many seemed to welcome it). The rest of them… Complete insanity. One of them (in the No Shit Sherlock department ) talks about how (horrors!) children are discarding “healthy” lunches and creating a thriving black market of junk food in schools. Wow… Who knew?

In a non-Times article which Mark Bittman to in his collection of Solstice links) the writer takes to her bed with the vapors because Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative is now focused more on exercise than dieting. Never mind what science tells us… Kids must diet. I could go on and on about all these links, including those castigating Black women ( of whom 50% are obese – we are told )... And these are just articles in “serious” media. The year-end weight loss adverts on TV have been going on since before Thanksgiving. There is material out there from the last 30 days to keep a Fatosphere blogger busy for a year and a half!

So what are we to do in the middle of this onslaught of disinformation? Well...


Yes, siree, it is the Health At Every Size® New Year’s ReVolution. We need to get the HAES® message out there to counteract the torrent of disinformation being put out there by a 60 billion dollar per annum industry which is BUILT upon the knowledge that diets don’t work. Here is how to join:

Have a look at the New Year’s ReVolution Resources website . Here you can learn how to participate by:

• Changing your profile picture on your favorite social networking site to promote the ReVolution
• Dedicating your Facebook status on January 1 to the ReVolution
• Posting about the ReVolution on Twitter using the hashtag provided
• Blogging…
• Passing along the Lose the Hate, Not the Weight press release
• Sharing your ReVolution story at PDA Nation
• Following the website and contributing your ideas to get the message out there! For instance – getting a larger number of Google-hits, getting the message to new venues or new audiences…

Everything you need to ReVolt against the diet establishment is there. Check it out! Join in! Let’s make sure the word makes it out far outside the Fatosphere, where someone today might need to hear the HAES® message.

PS -- edited to remove a repeated phrase and a messed up link

Merry Christmas from BFB! | Seeking the Straight and Narrow

vesta44's picture
December 31st, 2011 | Link | ReVolution, not resolutions

ReVolution, not resolutions - that's my motto! No resolutions to diet in any way, shape, or form. No resolutions to change my body to suit anyone's idea of what it should be. Only a ReVolution of loving myself as I am, taking care of my body the best I can, and promoting fat liberation for all. That's a worthy goal for 2012, and one I'm willing to work on, one I'm committed to working on.

WLS - Sorry, not my preferred way of dying. *glares at doctor recommending it*

DeeLeigh's picture
January 1st, 2012 | Link | Yep. I'm joining the New

Yep. I'm joining the New Year's Revolution.

It never ceases to amaze me how little media exposure HAES gets. People are terrified of the idea that health and weight may not be the same thing - and that dealing with health issues directly may be easier and more likely to succeed than trying to address them through weight loss. HAES is such a simple, logical, useful, and compassionate idea. Why are people so threatened by it?

richie79's picture
January 3rd, 2012 | Link | As a social networking

As a social networking refusenik, my potential contribution is limited, and I've neither the time nor confidence in my own output to regularly blog. I was very vocal at work today during the inevitable diet discussion, making my thoughts about the new season of the Biggest Loser (basically, that scenes depicting 'trainers' screaming at and belittling sobbing fat people on TV encourage viewers to behave with similar disrespect toward those of us they meet in everyday life) quite clear, but I think at this point I've just been written off as 'over-sensitive' about the topic.

Unconstructive as it may be, January just makes me want to hide away, not only from the media in all its incarnations but from the friends, colleagues and others who parrot its wrong-headed and frequently hate-filled propaganda. The levels this year already seem to be unprecedented, with the almost constant barrage of diet commercials, back-to-back 'shockumentaries', newspaper items, comments threads and weight-related talk seeming completely unavoidable and ubiquitous to the point that any attempts to organise in countering it seem laughable in their futility.

On a related note, Channel 4 (home of fat freakshow TV and pseudo-serious obesity epidemic documentaries in the UK) has also titled it's latest weight loss campaign 'New Year Revolution', and following the Special K Yay scale incident and the WW 'it's not a diet' perversion of our concepts I'm far too cynical to consider it mere unhappy coincidence.

Sorry to be a downer, but this time of year makes me feel anything but revolutionary - frustrated and defeated is more like it.

"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" - Albert Einstein

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