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StoryHeadless Fatties, Our Modern Folk Devils DeeLeigh166 years 38 weeks ago
StoryNew study: body's resistance to food restriction is long term. DeeLeigh16 years 38 weeks ago
StoryManitoba fats are not overusing medical resources or dropping like flies DeeLeigh66 years 38 weeks ago
StoryNews Coverage on the Manitoba Report DeeLeigh26 years 38 weeks ago
StoryAll Bodies are Goofy; All Bodies are Beautiful DeeLeigh26 years 38 weeks ago
StoryUK Government Policy encourages dieting, could be worse richie7976 years 39 weeks ago
StoryIt's Love Your Body Day! DeeLeigh06 years 39 weeks ago
StoryTeaching Tolerance - sort of. DeeLeigh76 years 39 weeks ago
Forum topic'Diets do work' claims new UK Govt obesity strategy richie7926 years 40 weeks ago
Forum topicDispirited pocomommy126 years 40 weeks ago
Forum topicTwo good articles on Chris Christie's weight TigerHawk31076 years 40 weeks ago
StoryBBC story funnier than Little Britain DeeLeigh136 years 40 weeks ago
Forum topicMy letter slamming diet shows printed. Yay! worrier36 years 41 weeks ago
StoryRemember John Popper and Blues Traveler? DeeLeigh16 years 41 weeks ago
StoryWLS is a baby killer DeeLeigh146 years 41 weeks ago
StoryA rare moment of sense from the BBC richie7916 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicA rare moment of sense from the BBC richie7936 years 42 weeks ago
StoryNancy Upton's American Apparel Saga DeeLeigh46 years 42 weeks ago
StoryLove Your Body Day is October 19 DeeLeigh06 years 42 weeks ago
StoryBEDA is on board with HAES DeeLeigh56 years 42 weeks ago
Story1-800-Get-Thin claims fifth victim DeeLeigh16 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicAnother WLS tragedy richie7936 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicThe Daily Fail DeeLeigh06 years 43 weeks ago
StoryCanadians debate denying fat women fertility treatments DeeLeigh16 years 43 weeks ago
StoryIs this really happening? DeeLeigh106 years 43 weeks ago

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