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Eventdeeleigh DeeLeigh05 years 38 weeks ago
StoryFeeding tubes? Really? DeeLeigh105 years 39 weeks ago
StoryStudy: the Biggest Loser increases weight bias DeeLeigh175 years 41 weeks ago
StoryBritish police and press confuse BMI with fitness DeeLeigh85 years 41 weeks ago
StoryMore armchair quarterbacking DeeLeigh75 years 41 weeks ago
Eventdeeleigh DeeLeigh05 years 42 weeks ago
Eventdeeleigh DeeLeigh05 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicWLS for Diabetics Alyssa85 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicBrides osxgirl15 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicBig Happenings: A Week in Fat (News Round-Up) richie7975 years 42 weeks ago
Forum topicMore from Mark Bittman AndyJo45 years 44 weeks ago
StoryWhy Strong4Life is bad for fat kids DeeLeigh85 years 44 weeks ago
StoryWeight loss drug causes liver damage, loss of sleep, possible homicidal rage DeeLeigh25 years 44 weeks ago
Forum topicAnything to be thin? Mom on Hydroxicut stabs daughter to death with scissors rebelle15 years 44 weeks ago
Eventdeeleigh DeeLeigh05 years 45 weeks ago
StoryThe whacked narcissism of self hatred DeeLeigh45 years 45 weeks ago
Forum topicI can't change my password MichMurphy15 years 45 weeks ago
StoryFitness Epiphany vesta44125 years 46 weeks ago
StoryVelvet L'Amour's new web magazine - wow! DeeLeigh85 years 46 weeks ago
Forum topicChicken Nuggets only? DeeLeigh35 years 47 weeks ago
StoryStand4Kids Update DeeLeigh25 years 47 weeks ago
Forum topicAdele is Wonderful moxie345 years 48 weeks ago
StoryWarning: A new twist on fen-phen being prescribed as diet cocktail drug despite FDA concerns BigLiberty105 years 48 weeks ago
Eventdeeleigh DeeLeigh05 years 49 weeks ago
StoryFeeling Excluded loniemc145 years 49 weeks ago

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