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There's an interview with Linda Bacon in More Magazine!

In this month's More Magazine: "Fat? Who Cares! Why Weight Doesn't Matter, A major expert speaks out on how weight-loss efforts are statistically futile—and how you can boost your health big time without dropping a pound," by Peter Jaret.

Doctors aren’t supposed to write prescriptions for medications they know don’t work. So why do they and many leading public health authorities continue to dispense advice that may be no more effective than a sugar pill—and might actually cause harm? In a landmark review published earlier this year in Nutrition Journal, the authors question why doctors and other medical experts routinely counsel over-weight people to get rid of extra pounds even though scientists, after decades of intense research, have yet to find a reliable prescription for weight loss. Moreover, the payoff for dieting isn’t even clear: There’s little evidence that losing weight is the key to better health, contends lead author Linda Bacon, PhD, a nutrition professor at the City College of San Francisco. And in some cases, she adds, efforts to shed pounds may actually be dangerous.

In her well-informed critique, Bacon not only raises questions about conventional weight-loss notions but also posits that there are more effective paths to better health. More asked her for details.

Linda Bacon is a researcher and the author of Health at Every Size, the surprising truth about your weight.

The rest is in question and answer format, with Dr. Bacon answering questions like "What’s wrong with dieting—that is, restricting your food intake to lose weight?" and "face it, though: A lot of people want to lose weight because they don’t like the way they look. What’s your advice to them?"

The article is long and well written, and it addresses most of the questions that an average person would have about medical research, weight and HAES.

More is a solid, middlebrow American women's magazine, the kind that you'd see at the supermarket checkout or on the table at the doctor's office. It's a great venue for getting the concept of HAES to the people who need it most.

Regan's already linked to this in yesterday's blog post, (which is brilliant, as usual) but I wanted to highlight it.

News Coverage on the Manitoba Report | New study: body's resistance to food restriction is long term.

rebelle October 31st, 2011 | Link | This was awesome! A

This was awesome! A (skinny!) friend of mine bought it at the checkout stand just so she could take it home and tear out the article for me, which she hand-delivered! Smiling

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