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Stand4Kids Update

Marilyn Wann's Stand for Kids Campaign is a HAES, body lib reply to Georgia's negative and stigmatizing Strong4Life billboards, which portray fat children as pathetic and inherently unhealthy.

Just a few quick updates.

NWSA 2012 Fat Studies Interest Group Call for Papers | Academia, Obesity Epi-Panic, and the Emperor’s New Clothes

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Moody Blue
February 23rd, 2012 | Link | Furious

Heard on the news today about the "war on childhood obesity". Oh, so now it's a war, eh?
What really ticked me off is the pickle-puss broad who stated that overweight children don't excel in school and struggle to concentrate because of their eating habits.
Raised a lot of issues for me. As a fat child, it wasn't enough that I got teased by my peers but the nun, my teacher, also used to make comments that caused me to want to crawl under the desk.
One such comment was that fat people aren't as smart as other people. They are "dull".
One day I was out sick, and when I came back to school the next day my friend told me the nun made a comment when she called the role & found out I wasn't in that fat people are always sickly. OMG!!!!
Some shit just never changes, does it?

worrier February 23rd, 2012 | Link | Did the people who declared

Did the people who declared this "war" not notice how badly the "war on drugs" and "war on terror" went. I'm probably saying something y'all already know, but the "obesity epidemic" is all about the ideology of a moral panic, nothing to do with health, though the people who declare these things have utterly convinced themselves they're the saviours of everyone's health. We, the fat, are the modern day witches, and the people who declare things about the "obesity epidemic" are the "Fat Finder Generals". And if the world doesn't listen to the "Fat Finder Generals" who are saving everyone, then civilisation is lost! Phew! What a lot of quotation marks.

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