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Shame, shame, shame

...or, whilst the experts continually insist that their concern over the alleged numbers of fat people is motivated by health, the language used in commenting on the latest obesity scare statistic stories suggests otherwise. There's our old friend Tam Fry, claiming that to be 'ashamed' by recent claims that one in five British 11-year olds are defined as obese. And there's that word again, in a report about the West Midlands supposedly being the fattest region of the most obese nation in Europe - a professor this time, bemoaning how he feels personally 'ashamed' of the data. As if we weren't expected to feel guilty enough over our size, now we also have 'experts' doing so on our behalf. I wonder if those working in other health-related fields use such emotive language in response to data regarding conditions which for whatever reason aren't viewed as personal moral failings?

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December 27th, 2010 | Link | Those second-hand "shame"

Those second-hand "shame" comments are truly cringe-worthy. I can't imagine an adult saying that about other adults in any other context. So incredibly patronizing! Maybe these guys should move to a different country to alleviate this horrible shame they're feeling?

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