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NWSA 2012 Fat Studies Interest Group Call for Papers

National Women's Studies Association 2012 Fat Studies Interest Group Call for Papers
November 8-11, 2012, Oakland, CA.

Papers on any topic at the intersection of women's studies/ feminism/ womanism/ gender/ sexuality and fat studies will be considered.

At minimum, your submission should fall under one of the following themes for NWSA 2012:
*Revolutionary Futures
*Traveling Theory
*Social Networks, Power, and Change
*Decolonizing Knowledge
*Creative Awakenings
For more information on the themes, visit:

While this is an open call, topic suggestions from last year's meeting include:
* Fat Intersections (including race, nationality, disability, sexuality, appearance/beauty)
* Fatopias/Fat Utopias
* Transnational Fat Bodies (immigration, globalization)
* Teaching Fat Studies (professorial bodies, student bodies, resistance)
* Knowledge-sharing/de-colonizing
* Fat Feminist Research Methods (including role of the researcher body)
* Fat Feminists Theorizing the Body
* Fat Performance/Performing Fatness/Fat Icons
* Fat activism & feminism/Fatosphere

If you are interested in being a part of the 2012 Fat Studies panels at NWSA, please send the following info by February 13, 2012 to NWSA Fat Studies Interest Group Co-Chairs Michaela A. Null and Candice Buss: ( and Please make sure one of us confirms receipt of your submission.

Your submission should include your:
*Name, Institutional Affiliation, Snail Mail, Email, Phone.
*NWSA Theme your paper fits under (and fat studies topic area/s if yours fits any of the above).
*Title for your talk, a one-page, double-spaced abstract in which you lay out your topic and its relevance to this session.
*AND a 100 word truncated abstract (NWSA requirement).

Each person will speak for around 15 minutes, and we will leave time for Q&A. In order to present with your name in the program, you must become a member of NWSA in addition to registering for the conference.

If you submit a fat studies related paper or panel, you can tag it with the keyword 'fat feminisms,' and likewise search the program for 'fat feminisms' to find relevant panels. If you submit a paper or panel on your own, we encourage you to use this keyword if your paper or panel fits the bill. We thank NWSA for adding a keyword that helps conference attendees locate fat studies panels.

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pani113's picture
February 22nd, 2012 | Link | A bit brusque

Well I submitted and was rejected. I have to tell you I find their rejection a bit brusque and clumsy. Granted, I didn't even notice it until the day it was due and did my proposal at the very last minute. I was interested because I think it might have been fun to revisit the Bay area. I am not particularly disappointed I was not accepted, but a simple your paper was not the best fit for us would have been fine. I did not ask for an unsolicited critique which I found a bit condescending. I came away thinking these were doctoral candidates whose status has gone to their head! If I offend I offend, but honestly their bedside matter can use a little work.

"Fat can be beautiful. Intolerance is ALWAYS ugly!"

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