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Last night there was cake at my house. Different types of cake.

One of them was a kind I don't like. So I didn't have any, because I can have all the cakes in the world, at any time I wish to. The kinds I like. Having cake availiable is no longer something that you can't pass up on, regardless of whether you actually like that particular cake, because you just don't know when it will happen again, as it would have been in my dieting days.

One of them was a kind I like a lot. But I was full. So I set it aside for when I'd feel hungry. Having cake availiable, even a kind you like a lot, is not some magical "carpe diem" situation to make the most of in spite of your body's hunger cues, because I can have all the cakes in the world, at any time I wish to. This would never have happened in my dieting days, because, hey, it's cake! You don't know when you'll have cake around again, so have it right now! Before someone takes it away!

This is what fat acceptance, health at every size and stripping food of weight-related moral contents does for a person. And it feels so good.

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February 28th, 2011 | Link | Although I totally love this

Although I totally love this story (and I've been there) and have to add "and sometimes you eat a piece of the cake! Right away. Maybe even a second piece. Because you can, cake is tasty, and you're hungry."

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