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Fat "Concentration Camps"?

By the way, here's a short note about the Roseanne fat comment, with an actual quote:
"Fat people should be put in concentration camps and gassed if they can't change."
Hm. Shirley Sheffield (who is this? she's credited as "activist", which is a wee bit vague) offers a good retort.

Wow! Here's another young

Wow! Here's another young child who is overweight - at the age of three. Note how this is being handled in an appropriate and rational manner... that might be due in part to the locale: this family is in Australia. There is a mention at the end of the article of Anamarie Martinez-Regino, and this is the first suggestion (I've seen) of Munchausen by Proxy being possible in her case.

In any event, a professor points out in this article that "we don't understand the cause of obesity in all children." So why is it, then, that in Anamarie's case it's assumed that the parents are mistreating her, feeding her too much, and keeping her on a poor diet? I smell a rampant case of fatphobia here, folks, and it's overly disgusting.

Does stress make you

Does stress make you fat? Maybe it's due to all of the shortcomings life tends to give you when you're fat... a viscious circle, perhaps. Decent, if short, article pointing out how the distribution of fat in women may allude to one's stress level.

I just saw a

I just saw a clip of Carnie Wilson on the local news. I never thought I'd say this, but Carnie Wilson looks gaunt!

An article on the

An article on the eternal Freshman 15 includes the usual suggestions, till you hit the end. It's suggested that hall managers promote programs encouraging less fast-food (which is good) and weight loss, but then also suggests "Healthy at Any Size". Uhm, conflict of interest?

Remember Roseanne? Sure you

Remember Roseanne? Sure you do. She's no longer fat, and she's flaunting that fact. She appears naked in the new issue of Gear, which is provocative. More provocative is her comment on fat people. Roseanne sez that fat people should be thrown into concentration camps and gassed for not doing anything about their weight! Good God, woman, don't you think that's a bit harsh? I know that Gear is no National Geographic, but show a little decency. Fat people are people.

And, yes, a version

And, yes, a version of Big Brother that instead focuses on weight loss is real, and is happening in Germany. It'd be mildly amusing, I think.

Taiwan's children are getting

Taiwan's children are getting fatter, and they're trying new classes to combat it. It'll be interesting to see what happens - will the kids lose weight? Will they be healthy?

This one kind of

This one kind of spills over into personal and political debates, so here's the link and my three cents. Link: Schools Blamed for Obese Kids. Three cents: Parents need to teach kids nutrition, too. They also need to accept that some people are just fat, and that's that. I have the feeling neither will happen. Oh, and I don't know anyone who didn't think that PE in our nation's schools was a big joke.

Here's a good read

Here's a good read on the fat man's perspective, something we don't often see. [Courtesy frykitty]

The latest on Anamarie

The latest on Anamarie Martinez-Regino: Judge says return home still the goal for obese girl. Which is good, of course. I'm somehow amazed that this has gotten not a drop of coverage on the TV news here. Not anything, not even a mention!

Anamarie remains in the custody of the state, no matter what the Judge wants (at this juncture).

Hm. El Paso TX

Hm. El Paso TX was named one of the fattest cities in America. A natural whiplash reaction is to host a fitness expo. There's nothing wrong with fitness - don't get me wrong - but when you're out there saying things like "Obesity is the second-largest preventable (cause of) death", you're lying. Obesity doesn't kill anyone. Heart attacks, thyroid problems, things like that - those kill people. Thankfully this isn't the focus of the article, though. Instead of emphasizing weight loss, expos like this should stress getting healthy - losing weight may or may not happen.

Anamarie is now in

Anamarie is now in the custody of the state, and the judge placed a gag order on the case. I expect the story to go away until a verdict is reached.

This is really the time for NAAFA to step up. It's been posted that NAAFA is "outraged" at this case and rightfully so, but it's high time to actually get that word out there. Why is NAAFA outraged? The mass media doesn't know and doesn't care. We've got to make them care. Now is the time.

Singapore's fat phobia continues:"An

Singapore's fat phobia continues:"An obese child is not a cute child." Yes, not when you consider that child an object and not a person.

Remember Anamarie Martinez-Regino? The

Remember Anamarie Martinez-Regino? The three year old taken from her parents because she's fat? Guess what: Obese Girl Suffers From Rare Genetic Defect. Duh, duh, and more duh.

This is disturbing and

This is disturbing and pisses me off, frankly. A young, obese child was taken away from her parents because, well, she's fat. The parents claim that it's a genetic thing, and that they haven't overfed Anamarie - which is very possible. What's really interesting is that a doctor is quoted in the article as saying she can't confirm that her weight was due to overeating! Yet, that's the reason she was taken away, allegedly - although there is no sign of abuse. Why would you do this?

I believe that this is a case in which it's a genetic thing. Yet, when anyone is fat - we automatically pin it on overeating. What a sad thing. Can you imagine? This child is three years old, and now she's alone in a hospital. Anyone with a brain can tell you it's a genetic thing. Separating her from her parents is ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

Colombia Shines Up 'The

Colombia Shines Up 'The Fat Lady' for Clinton - that is, a Botero piece. Botero's art has been shown here in Chicago on several occasions, and I think it's fantastic.

And, more than half

And, more than half of Nebraska is overweight. The blame is on, surprise!, fast food, not exercising, watching TV, using the computer, getting big meals, and all the usual suspects.

Okay, here's ignorance for

Okay, here's ignorance for ya: National Symphony director Leonard Slatkin says fat people should not show their flesh! And guys shouldn't even think of wearing cummerbunds. The story tries to change its tone by noting that people should be "professional" while on stage. Unfortunately, it leads the reader to believe that being fat is unprofessional.

I'm still here, but

I'm still here, but not much has been happenin' lately.

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