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A subject we haven't

A subject we haven't touched on much here: the relationship between fat and sex. This article claims that thin women 'have more adventurous sex lives'. It also claims that 'thin women satisfied with their bodies' had more sex and more orgasms. This all-too-short snippet doesn't mention anything about fat women who are satisfied with their bodies.

I tend to believe that this is a societal thing. If fat women were more confident about their bodies, this would be a non-issue.

Okay, put your thinking

Okay, put your thinking caps on. If your newborn baby is large, he/she won't necessarily become a fat teen. But, if the parents are large, he/she might beome a fat adult. Got that? Me either. Another scare tactic article.

Here's a great article.

Here's a great article. Can you be fat, but fit? The answer in the article is a resounding yes. Very very sensible read.

The fat epidemic: Fighting

The fat epidemic: Fighting the stigma. A more complete version of the article I just found - consider this the unabridged version.
Yet the teen-age compulsion to be cruel to fat peers appears powerful. Consider a volley of 1998 messages still posted on the USA-Talk Web site about a fat eighth-grader in Willowick, Ohio:

"He is the most disgusting slob I know," one posting reads. "Maybe it's the six chins, or thunder thighs. Any way you look at him, you have to be disgusted. A group of us are planning a little prank at the next pep-assembly.

Obese take on sources

Obese take on sources of bias. Great article. 44% of companies might pass over a potential employee because he/she is overweight; 16% consider obesity "an absolute bar to employment". The only downside is the quote at the end. A goal of fat acceptance is to like yourself and your size; I believe that if fat discrimination were taboo, people wouldn't mind being fat. As it is, it's tough only because of society.

Okay. This photo, this

Okay. This photo, this one right here on this here page, is what bugs me. Never mind that the article/snippet talks about a new watch that can measure your body fat (!) - this is objectifying and dehumanizing.

Hey, someone's taking a

Hey, someone's taking a stand in the Anamarie case - the International Size Acceptance Association. ISAA Director Allen Steadham is someone I actually used to chat with online a bit, and I had planned on participating in the ISAA upon its launch, but a bevy of other things came in the way. It's good to see that they're still very much there and on the front lines.

And finally, my first

And finally, my first ever "Screw You!" Award goes to Health and Fitness Tips! Congratulations! They say:
The next time you admonish yourself for being fat, don't think you just look bad and can't fit your jeans [sic]. Think that you have a disease and need a cure, as you would from any other disease.
It's time to abolish such backward thinking. Being fat is not a disease.

Hm. Dr. Kelly Brownell

Hm. Dr. Kelly Brownell at Yale thinks we should restrict the fast food industry, among other things. I have this feeling that he wants something akin to what happened to the tobacco industry. Come on, guys. The US Surgeon General is suggesting promotion of healthy lifestyles. That's more like it.

We use the term

We use the term "overweight" all the time, but don't really know what "at weight" would be. (Truth is, it's a set of ridiculously old and outdated numbers gleaned from insurance charts decades ago.) Parents in Australia aren't quite sure either. I've always said it's been time to up the "at weight" range. This supports my argument.

Hey, look at this!

Hey, look at this! Anamarie Martinez-Regino might be going home! It's not definite - there's a gag order still in place - but this would be fantastic news..

A new study called

A new study called The Curse of Abundance makes me wince... come on, what's wrong with abundance? The author believes that corporate America may be to blame for kids' obesity. I dunno. I maintain that it starts in the home, and that you need to look at how healthy a child is - not his or her weight. I should note that the study is a pay-per-view, but you can get a three paragraph summary/intro on this link.

Doctors discuss obesity and

Doctors discuss obesity and throw lots of things at us: glycemic control, insulin, triglyceride levels, and... counting calories! Some good points from Dr. Atkins.

And, FYI, we were

And, FYI, we were linked to from a weight loss-type blog. Should be interesting to see if anything happens.

"Diets are getting better

"Diets are getting better but kids are getting heavier..." says yet another article about kids being fat. Funny how this right here dispels the myth that diets = weight loss... but not funny in that this is one of many, many articles on this subject saying the same thing. Makes me wonder if Jenny Craig is pumping out this stuff via a PR engine. In any event, I want to see what happens when people stop giving a damn about diets and turn to exercise. Will we see tons of articles saying, "Exercise is getting better but kids are getting heavier"?

Fat phobia trickles down

Fat phobia trickles down to infants, too. Here's a BBC article saying, of all things, mothers are giving their kids food too early in life. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, no, outside of the clause saying that babies fed solid food... will get fat!

A study claims that

A study claims that teens are both lazy and overweight. Okay. Can we do something here? Can we separate "fat" and "lazy" and make them two individual words again, never joined by "and"? Because, frankly, that's far too easy a mistake to make - "fat and lazy". It even rolls off the tongue temptuously easy. What we really need to do is throw that phrase away. And, this study didn't ask an important question: "Are you happy with your appearance?" I'd imagine most of the girls would say no, btw.

I look forward to

I look forward to the day when 18 year old overweight girls don't have to ask someone what they have to wear, and they'll be able to wear whatever they please.

Hi, all. It's been

Hi, all. It's been a while mostly due to time constraints and a lack of news on fat folks... but I'm still here, I swear! In any instance, you might want to check the Fat Girls ARE Gorgeous page. It's lengthy and full of large images and takes 3 forevers to load, but a lot of the text (particularly towards the bottom) is worth reading... about negative role models for kids and such. Note: some almost-nudity is present.

Remember, even if you're

Remember, even if you're fat, you can be fit. Here are some actual decent tips from a long time ago that still make sense.

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