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Canadian airlines are now

Canadian airlines are now to give fat people an adjacent seat if necessary. Cool. I have a hard time believing airline seats are 17" wide though... it feels like 12".

Thanks for the intro

Thanks for the intro Paul! I'm honored to be here.
For my first post, I present another disappointing story about our childrens' self-esteem. Kids playing sports not to have fun, but to control weight. And these kids aren't even overweight. The article finishes with a nod to the development of eating disorders and states: "Prevention efforts need to begin in very early childhood." Prevention efforts? What exactly would they recommend to counteract our society's warped idea of beauty?

Changes I'd like to

I'd like to take a moment and welcome my pal Fry to big fat blog. This is the first time I've ever worked on a blog with more than one person (I don't consider The Daily Ping a blog), but Fry is the person I wanted to work with. (She may be known as Cat.) Fat acceptance is a very important issue to me, as it is to her, and I know that she can bring in another perspective to the blog. I know the site will be even better because of her. So... welcome!

Courtesy of Krista: San

Courtesy of Krista:
San Francisco's new anti-sizism law gets put into use. About time, too. There is a thread on MetaFilter discussing this very issue, so check it out and add your two cents.

Courtesy of Fry: Catch

Courtesy of Fry:
Catch this month's copy of Bitch Magazine for "The Roseanne Benedict Arnolds". Beth Bernstein discusses the defection of four fat role-models: Ricky Lake, Carnie Wilson, Oprah, and Roseanne. She explores how the desperate weight-loss efforts of these women betrays the community they once supported, and how society's baleful gaze leaves us with only one role model: ourselves.

In Australia, name-calling in

In Australia, name-calling in Parliament apparently happens, even when someone is called a "fat cow". The caller was a former model; the callee, a woman who is not only overweight, but has a disability. Nice oging, eh? The quote I enjoyed from the callee: "I am a generously proportioned woman but Denise Allen well and truly crossed the line." Generously proportioned is a nice turn of the phrase.

Let's see. 90% of

Let's see. 90% of dieters gain back their weight. 35% of Americans are obese. Yet people are exercising more. So, let's make a drug that will trick your brain into thinking that your ideal weight is lower than it is.

Also of note: "overweight" and "obese" Americans allegedly make up around a third of the population (I had seen it at well over 50%, I thought). 300,000 people "die" from obesity, although obesity in and of itself causes no diseases. Thanks to Regeneron, we might be able to all be slim someday. Excuse m

"Fat people are always

"Fat people are always going to be something to laugh at." So says Linda Early of Glasgow, in this article claiming that the UK will need to spend 16 billion pounds to help the obese. Linda is unhealthy in addition to obese, though, and does need care. This report believes that all obese people are unhealthy; there is also the bold claim that all surgery for obesity is successful. Tell that to the people who have had complications due to it.

Obesity prevention has been

Obesity prevention has been in the news lately, and now mothers are to blame. I'm one for personal responsibility, particularly when it falls to parents, but I wonder how "overweight" these kids were.

I wanted to at

I wanted to at least mention this. Renee Zellweger was tapped for the title role in the movie adaptation of Bridget Jones' Diary and, as part of the role, she needed to gain weight... something like 10 or 20 pounds. She was also slated to appear on the cover of Harper's Bazaar during filming. Guess what? They said nuh-uh because she was overweight... and of course, overweight in Hollywood terms means "low end of normal" in reality. The company line is that she looked "uncomfortable".

Woo hoo! Anamarie's parents

Woo hoo! Anamarie's parents are suing! Finally, a practical use for the American court system (listening, Gore?)

I've always feared a

I've always feared a future where people are monitored and controlled by remote machines... I think that we might be headed that way. Guess what? We may be. This article suggests using GPS units to do something very very purposeful (cough): "monitor the exercise patterns of the obese and demonstrate how little exercise they're really taking."

What a ridiculous and scary thought. Just imagine the possibilities! If you're not exercising for a particular time and doing a particular number of exercises, you could be penalized.

Uh oh. Another child

Uh oh. Another child taken away from parents due to obesity. The parents are going to be hit with neglect charges. It's a tougher call on this one; giving fast food to a kid probably isn't a hot idea, and allegedly the living conditions were poor. But overall, it still sounds like it's a case of fatphobia gone mad. [Courtesy of NAAFA]

Canadian kids are getting

Canadian kids are getting fatter. Three facets of this article bug me. First, the dehumanizing picture of a child's - a child's - midsection. Second, this:
Overweight kids are likely to be overweight adults, making it all the more important that the trend be reversed, Tremblay says.
Why? The question goes unanswered.

Finally, the other interesting thing is that this study only took the BMI into account. The BMI is arguably a flawed way to determine one's level of obesity, as it only takes weight into effect, leaving body fat to be a big big question. While BMIs are up, that in and of itself is no way to provide conclusive evidence. Yet the article goes ahead, makes up its mind, and says, "Oh yeah, kids are fat and lazy and unhealthy."

Interesting. Fat women in

Interesting. Fat women in their 50s and 60s earn up to 40% less than thin- and average-sized women. We haven't seen much data in the way of older fat folks, so this is rather neat. It was less of an impact on men - not surprising, since men aren't outwardly held up to the ridiculous physical standards set by the media.

Get ready for massive

Get ready for massive fatphobia. Disgusting, rampant fatphobia. The Indian Medical Association has deemed November 26 Anti-Obesity Day. Its termed a "lifestyle disorder"! Can you believe the audacity of this? A lifestyle disorder? If obesity is in fact a lifestyle disorder, don't I have the right to choose my own lifestyle? What if I want to be fat? What if I accept my fat? No, it's not good enough, because I'm not a skinny white male. And if you're a woman, you have to be a tall, skinny, white woman.

I wish people could see that doing something like this is just as obscene as proposing an "Anti-Hispanic Day".

We're designing our kids

We're designing our kids to be Weight Watchers ads. The Duke of York, obviously Fergie's husband, defended his ex saying that it wasn't a bad thing that kids were knowledgeable about things like the WW "point" system.

Finally! Body fat is

Body fat is good for your health and can be sexy, leading medical experts say.
I'm glad someone other than me has said it, 'cause I'm getting hoarse. Of course, you have the standard obesity schtuff at the very end. But, it's a step.

Within ten years, you

Within ten years, you might be able - might - to get a "cure" for obesity. A short article on the matter. I dunno about this:
He added: "If there was a pill to lose weight it would probably be welcomed. Being overweight is asociated with serious health risks such as heart disease and diabetes.
"But even with a genetic cure we would still have to prepare people not to simply eat more food because they would still put on weight that way. Eating is a complex blend of social and psychological issues."

Anamarie Martinez-Regino is home.

Anamarie Martinez-Regino is home. Finally, one of the most blatant, disturbing, and disgusting cases of fat-phobia in our nation - one that was never touched by the media at large - is over. But we're left with questions such as, "What's going to happen next?" No one's talking. The moral, for me, is this: if you've got a child who is fat, there is a chance that he or she will be taken away just because he/she is not thin. And people think that this whole fatphobia thing is fabricated. hah.

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