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One of my favorite

One of my favorite columnists, Richard Roeper, had a good write-up on Jennifer Capriati the other day. While Capriati isn't fat by any stretch, she is well within the realm of "normal" weight (whatever that is). Positive role models are needed.

"He knew [her weight]

"He knew [her weight] was a sensitive issue," said Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Donna Elliott. "He knew it would get her attention." Dep. Elliott is referring to James White, whose graffiti calling his girlfriend "FAT" and "Fat Christmas Pig" was spread across LA. Said graffiti also often included the woman's first and last name. [Ryan on the assist]

"I despise myself for

"I despise myself for it, and feel I'm letting a lot of people down." So says Kate Winslet, who is now losing weight in order to work. This echoes the path of Sophie Dahl, a plus-size model who flaunted her (arguably great) figure in many photo spreads.. but is now a notch above Calista Flockhart in size. Winslet has been quoted as saying that she wouldn't change her shape. This also echoes the article Cat mentioned a while back about fat female role models selling out and becoming thin. I know Kate was a reason to watch Titanic - she looked normal.

"Homer Simpson is a

"Homer Simpson is a grossly unhealthy character who delights in the size of his gut. Not many people want to look like him." Yes, now cartoons are the next scapegoat in the quest to push the blame of fat somewhere else. I'm thinking that the Sunday comics are next.

Although this rather nifty

Although this rather nifty article about fat fashion uses terms like "chunky" a bit much, it redeems itself with the closing sentence: "...big people love fashion just as much as anyone so it's time to use more material for the cause."

I love propaganda. This

I love propaganda. This article asks the question, "Can Losing Weight Improve Your Sex Life?" The answer is 2-1 in favor of losing weight from those three involved. Stuff like this perpetuates the notion that skinny = sexy, and sexy = happy, and that's disturbing.

Good god. Five-year-old girls

Good god. Five-year-old girls are weight-conscious. The main reason? Their mothers. Which makes sense, since parents are the most influential people in a child's life. Sadly the article doesn't go into detail as to why the five-year-olds are so conscious of it, but it's scary to think that little kids are already thinking, "Weight Watchers! Must be skinny to be happy!" and assorted similar crap.

Articles like this one

Articles like this one bug me, and there are plenty of them out there. They tell us that kids are getting fatter, and will probably be fat adults, but they fail to tell us why this is a problem. (I'm not judging if it is a problem or not; rather I'm criticizing the reporting.)

"What's really important to

"What's really important to remember is that people who are overweight know they are overweight, know it's not good for their health, and they feel really, really ashamed about it." This disgustingly sizist statment comes to us from Dr. Nadine Kaslow of Emory University in Atlanta. What's funny is that the surrounding article then preaches, "Make the message about health - not appearance." This article on the whole treats fat as this disgustingly awful thing that will kill you, your significant other, and perhaps your dog. I don't understand why people should be "really, really ashamed" about fat, though.

More airline troubles. Arlene

More airline troubles. Arlene Edelman had to buy not two, but 2.5 seats on a flight some 10 years ago. Plus, she was offered a luggage cart as a wheelchair substitute!

Similarly, the article mentions a 300-pound woman who had to buy two seats. 300 pounds isn't that big.

The downside? An official from Canada says that "If you're overweight and you want a bigger seat, fly business class." Gee, thanks. Want to pay for the upgrade, Mr. Sizist?

2001 has been dry

2001 has been dry on news so far. But here's something that may raise an eyebrow: if you're thin and have high blood pressure, you might be worse off than someone fat with high blood pressure.

5'8", 260 pounds, has

5'8", 260 pounds, has run 276 marathons! Yes, people like Dave Alexander force you to rethink the "fat = unhealthy" stereotype. He's doing it with hard numbers... he works out, runs, cycles, swims, even does triathlons, yet is still fat. A very good read!

"Obesity is the biggest

"Obesity is the biggest unrecognized health problem in the world", says the World Health Organization. This BBC article attempts to determine why people are overweight, and stresses... weight loss. Not being healthy, not exercising to be healthy, but weight loss. Sigh.

Do the math. Meridia

Do the math. Meridia is having another round of publicity following an 18-month trial. Know why? Because it's never been tested for that long before. That's right, Meridia went on the market without any long-term testing. So now we know it won't kill you after 18 months. That's the first bit of math for the day. Here's the second: how much weight do you suppose a morbidly-obese person must lose to obtain a "normal" BMI, or even reduce their health risks? Usually more than 100 pounds, and often twice that much. Guess how much they can hope to lose on Meridia. About 5% of their body weight. Let's say you weigh 400 lbs. You go on (and pay through the nose for) Meridia and a low-calorie diet. You risk complications from high blood-pressure and have to put up with a plethora of side-effects. You lose a WHOPPING 25 POUNDS.

Another report saying that

Another report saying that 61% of Americans are overweight, but with a menacing and scary ending: the government wants the obesity rate in America to be 15% in just ten years! Sounds kind of lofty, doesn't it?

Interesting note, here. Looking

Interesting note, here. Looking through an entire collection of stock photos here, and there is not one single picture of a fat person that isn't either a caricature, a dehumanizing pose, or something left over from sideshow days. I was able to find an "obese circus performer", and an "overweight man's stomach". But no business professionals who are fat, no workers who are fat, no people who are fat. Why not? Oh, that's right, fat isn't attractive. [cough, cough]

But I thought it

But I thought it was all about diet and exercise? Finding genes responsible for metabolism is a good thing. Connecting this to obesity is a good thing. I haven't quite decided about the concept of obesity as a disease. Gee, I don't feel sick.

Don't think that we're

Don't think that we're obsessed with being overweight? Then why are there articles about our dogs being overweight?

Heh, I was just

Heh, I was just about to link to Cat's post. If this ruling lasts, I say hell should be raised.

There is a MetaFilter discussion on this issue, and frankly, it's gotten me way beyond angry.

This ruling won't last.

This ruling won't last. First of all, I seriously doubt this would have come up if the passenger had been a football-player sized man. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Of course that's another issue. Secondly, the assumption is that being fat is voluntary. That is not always the case, and the ADA will have a field day with this. And Paul and I agree--those seats are too small anyway.

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