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Hm, looks like the

Hm, looks like the deal in England with Georgina is a big deal. Now, the UK is dealing with the delicate issue of obesity, but is falling completely on the side of insults and societal pressure instead of encouraging, you know, education. There are some references that people should be healthy, which is good, but then there's crapola like this:
A good test for parents is in the swimming pool Û if children look a lot fatter than their friends when they are in their costumes, they are probably overweight.

More troubling news. The

More troubling news. The drug Xenical is being tested on adolescents now. I can't even imagine all of the potential ramifications! First, how proven is this drug? It's not. Second, is getting a teen hooked on drugs a good idea? It's not. Third, is emphasizing body weight a good idea? It's not. I don't know what scares me more: that this is happening, or that teens had to volunteer to do this. Now tell me that body images aren't massively out of whack with a straight face.

If a child is

If a child is "too fat", does the head of the school have the right to remove the child from school? That's the bonehaded idea from a school in England. While Georgina has had some difficulties in PE, that certainly isn't anything that can't be overcome. Do me a favor. Look at Georgina. She's a cute little 5 year old, and according to the headmaster, she's also an "active girl".

So the question is, then, if someone thinks someone has a weight problem, is it that person's right to point it out? I say no, myself

Remember that any surgery

Remember that any surgery to reduce obesity can be deadly. An Australian woman died during a "standard" stomach shrinking operation.

The fear is back!

The fear is back! 62% of "overweight people" do not believe that their weight poses a serious health risk, and the article disagrees. I was very pleased to put up this link, as it's a stat-filled article, until I read the last paragraph. "The study was conducted on behalf of XeniCare(r), a comprehensive weight-loss support program..." Now tell me who isn't putting out self-serving information! Ridiculous. When the numbers are stacked in favor of a weight-loss program over being healthy, everyone suffers. The problem is that this story could be picked up by media outlets and exploited for its stats, without taking into account the source.

More evidence that lots

More evidence that lots of people don't get it: Philadelphia, enshrined with the title, "America's Fattest City" (sounds like fun to me), has ordered its residents to go on a diet. You can't get a steak smothered in cheese, for instance - because we all know that cheese-dipt steaks make people fat. This whole article is one of the lamest, most inane ideas I've read in quite a while... but it's almost painfully ironic to see a link to NAAFA on the sidebar.

Are you ready for

Are you ready for another round of fat suits in movies? It seems to be a near-yearly thing, with The Nutty Professor and Big Momma's House starting things up. Next, it's the super-skinny Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal. I hold a slight optimism for the story, which almost - almost - sounds like it could be good. What holds me back are sentences calling the character "fat and dumpy" because, you know, all fat people are dumpy! duh!

Why don't they just use fat actors? Oh, right, fat is only good when it can be easily removed.

Oh boy. Big Diet

Oh boy. Big Diet is here, and it's... well, degrading and insulting, an impressive combination:
"Big Diet" locks away six rotund men and six women in a castle in Houtem, near the southern Dutch city of Maastricht. They will compete to slim down as 37 cameras monitor their every move.

In the last gasp

In the last gasp of an amusing web-meme, All Your Brand Are Belong To Us does some great Adbusters-style lampooning. Of course, this is my favorite. Props to Midnight Factory for the link.

A rather good read

A rather good read offering some possible explanations on where fat phobia comes from, both in women and in men. You probably won't be surprised by the alleged source.

Parkrose High School looks

Parkrose High School looks past appearances. I have to admit I got teary-eyed when I looked at the video clip for Portland's first Rose Princess of 2001. How I wish there had been a role-model like her when I was in school. Way to go, Felecia!

Big fat yes! Elizabeth

Big fat yes! Elizabeth Fisher's been on a crusade of sorts to get the NHTSA to revise seatbelt standards in cars - after Honda demonstrated that a car company could simply not give a crap about the safety of its fat owners. Guess what? The NHTSA has agreed to review the situtation! Elizabeth's site includes information on how you can participate. This is an issue near and dear to my heart; there's no reason why anyone should be excluded fro

Why the BMI is

Why the BMI is flawed, right here, right now. The average height and weight for the American woman is 5'3" and 152 pounds, courtesy of this rather good article on fashion and the overweight. Now, plug those numbers into this simple BMI calculator and you'll find that this means the average American woman is in an "increased health risk" zone, according to the BMI levels. However, women are living longer than ever before (and especially longer than men). Hm. If obesity kills, as yo

Interesting: while we've heard

Interesting: while we've heard that kids are getting fatter, reasons as to why have often been attributed to things such as junk food, soda, and so on. This study claims it's puberty.

Welcome, visitors from the

Welcome, visitors from the San Francisco Chronicle!

"A national survey reveals

"A national survey reveals that more than 25% of respondents who were on prescription diet pills did not meet minimum weight recommendations for using such medication." The article isn't just talking about a little over-the-counter speed. Rather, it refers to medications that had to be prescribed by a doctor. The piece mentions that weight-control through lifestyle should be emphasized. How about emphasizing self-acceptance? Sometimes there's nothing to control.

Anamarie Martinez-Regino is back

Anamarie Martinez-Regino is back in the news, simply because she's home with her family. Get ready for a media blitz. I'm pretty much expecting it to be covered as such: "She's fat. You're bad parents. Oh, wait, no you're not. But she's still fat, and people just aren't fat. So there's something wrong. But it can't be medical. So it's your fault." I'm surprised no one has recommended liposuction.

Remember the brouhaha over

Remember the brouhaha over Olestra? The fat substitute was basically unable to be absorbed by the body, so it passed right through. In theory, it was a nifty idea, because we all know that just eating fat makes you fat (cough cough). Amazingly, the same technique is now being promoted as Xenical. It's a pill you take that basically makes all fat pass through your body. And, yes, you'll get the same side effects as Olestra: the infamous "oily discharge", increased flatuence, and the like. Is it worth the risk? Here's an article that

As you get older,

As you get older, your chances of dying from obesity-related diseases decreases. But no one knows why, yet.

I'm sure everyone has

I'm sure everyone has heard the statement that obesity leads to an increased risk of diabetes, right? Did you know that only 6 to 8 percent of obese people develop diabetes? Yet it's still the leading cause of death in overweight people. Hm. The way everyone carries on about diabetes, you'd think that everyone who is fat gets it. Gee, I wonder why they'd want to perpetuate that myth....

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