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Should magazines only feature

Should magazines only feature thin women? This argument came about in an entry from Liza's journal - scroll to the May 31 2001 entry. You'll also find a (well-deserved, in my mind) rant on Mode magazine. You know, the magazine from an alternate reality where size 16 is simply huge. [Nanette on the assist]

A list of the

A list of the worst celebrity book covers by an amazon editor. Camryn Manheim's Wake Up, I'm Fat! is number two. I wish he'd go into detail as to why this is ranked so highly; is it because of the aesthetics, or is it because there's a fat woman in a high cut swimsuit on the cover? (Of course, we can't have fat people showing skin in public! Heaven forbid!)

Leslie DiMaggio, Chairperson for

Leslie DiMaggio, Chairperson for NAAFA, has passed away.

"I got a real

"I got a real sense of what it would be like to be that overweight and every pretty girl should be forced to do that." So says Gwyneth Paltrow, who weighs 300 fake pounds in the upcoming film Shallow Hal. There is an interview with Entertainment Tonight here that is noteworthy for what Gwyneth says about fat people, and how she didn't want to alienate anyone who is actually overweight. Followup: A delightfully cynical opinion on the movie comes from the journal

I'm posting this with

I'm posting this with the note that you should have a grain of salt handy. This piece on a strange thing called Syndrome X says, in its subheadline, "a mysterious condition related to obesity..." amongst two other things. Then, in the article, "Weight does not lead automatically to Syndrome X." Turns out its insulin-related, but then the article says, "With weight loss, this thing just disappears." So what is it? Check out the end of the article: it's a plug for a new book on dieting.

Site-related update: We're now

Site-related update: We're now using SpyOnIt for those of you tracking when the blog is updated. I liked Mind-It myself, but the actual emails seemingly never reflected when the blog actually updated. Useful, eh? So, if you'd like to get an email when we've updated, click the link up there. Enjoy.

One more goofy one:

One more goofy one: kids who are breastfed may avoid being fat teens. "But the protection [from being breast-fed]... was very slight." Very slight, so that's why it's gotten intense media coverage? No, it's gotten intense media coverage because it plays into peoples' fears of being fat, which isn't anything to fear anyway. Lovely!

This study bugged me.

This study bugged me. They go out and say that obesity is linked to some forms of cancer. Then, if you check out the article, they admit that they aren't really sure. They don't know if losing weight helps, they don't know if changing your diet helps, they just "know" that fat can cause cancer. Sounds like a scare tactic to me.

Could it be? Someone's

Could it be? Someone's finally admitting that the BMI is misleading and not a reasonable goal? Sorta. A Yale study claims that elderly people shouldn't have the same BMI standards applied to them, as being "mildly or moderately overweight was not a risk factor for death" for them. Which means that the BMI is flawed. So, who's next? Think they'll say the BMI is inappropriate for kids?

Could the war against

Could the war against smoking foreshadow a war against fat? Eesh. Michael Bliss of the National Post thinks that fat's not OK, and it's time to get militant. Well, he's got half of it right.

The new ad campaign

The new ad campaign from Columbia Sportswear is disappointingly stereotypical. I initially came across this ad in billboard form and was outraged. Come on guys, you're saying that someone can't be active and be fat? Enough of that stereotype. Oh, but wait! There's more crap to look at: shoreline/buffet line and spare time/spare tire. Why can't this company simply sell its products, instead of going ahead and insulting potential customers, too? I have a pair of Columbia boots, and I love the heck out of 'em - they make a good product.

Well, it's happened. Last

Well, it's happened. Last night I was watching a report about cholesterol, of all things, and the news report included footage of fat peoples' guts - you know, that footage. You might expect this was because the report had something to do with obesity, but it had not one iota. That means that, yes, the newsfolks are connecting the dots: fat = unhealthy. Know what? I'm fed up with it. It's time to start writing letters. It's time to protest, and it's time to change the opinions of the ignorant. [Jeani on the assist]

``Our findings suggest that

``Our findings suggest that concern about women's perceptions of their body image is well founded." This study finds that though more men are overweight, women are much more likely to think they are overweight. Fat is a feminist issue.

If you were a

If you were a fat kid, chances are there are things about your childhood you can't forget. Fat acceptance is something that should definitely include kids, and it's something pointed out in this PioneerPlanet article. It's of note because it includes the very talented Cat (not to be confused with big fat blog's very talented Cat) whom I met a few months ago. The article is rather insightful. [Elizabeth on the assist]

Happy No-Diet Day! "So

Happy No-Diet Day! "So what would happen if we as a country stopped dieting, stopped angsting about what we ate?" If you're brave, No-Diet Day (May 6) is a great opportunity to educate folks about the ludicrous diet mentality. Here's the official site to give you some ideas.

Who is the best

Who is the best person to determine if a child is "too fat"? Would you say the family doctor? What about the parent, or the child? Nuh uh. England says it's the teacher's responsibility! This article references back to the case of Georgina Beauchamp [see below], who got sent home with a "your child is too fat" note. I honestly can't believe the audacity of the Department of Education's Sir Michael Bichard. Listen to this bull:
He said: "Most fat people eat too much, sit on their backsides, do very little exercise, and only have themselves to blame. It is their fault that they are fat."

A story focusing on

A story focusing on Renee Zellweger's much-ballyhooed weight gain for her movie doesn't go too far in analyzing it. I mention it here mostly for the "ew, get it off me!" reaction skinny Renee had to going all the way up to a size 12 - which is "two sizes smaller than the average female."

While this article on

While this article on cloning really has nothing to do directly with fat folks, I'd like to present it here as an example of the perpetuation of the fat stereotype. Spot the fat adjective within, and note its context; then, tell me that there isn't a stereotype being used here.

Philadelphia now fully endorses

Philadelphia now fully endorses public humility. A new campaign, to thwart the "America's Fattest City" title, involves a public official going up to fat people, making them stand on scales, and forcing them to go on a diet. Never before has the abuse of fat people been so obvious! The entire plan is detailed here. The article tries to turn itself around towards the end, but with sentences like, "He sits with his vast Falstaffian belly resting on his thighs", there's no way that can be seen as positive. This type of behavior is deplorable, despicable, and fully endorsed by a government.

The healthy way to

The healthy way to fight obesity. Good advice, although it should be stressed as "The healthy way to live", instead. And I'd throw in a "Demonstrate how one can feel good about one's body" point with positive role models and acceptance issues, too. Then, I'd be happy.

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