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Obesity linked to asthma

Obesity linked to asthma in adults: "More work will be needed to determine whether obesity causes asthma..." but here is the article, initially telling us just that. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out (and, if disproven, how little press that gets); the neatest thing about the article is a whole new term for overweight folks! "Preobese".

I'd like to propose a whole new term for average folks, then: preanorexic. Harsh? Inconsiderate? Yes. Get the point?

An article on obesity

An article on obesity and aging doesn't sit well with me. A section attempting to analyze why people are overweight just comes to the conclusion that increased physical activity and cutting out fast food meals, will make people lose weight. They even say, with bravado, "These observations do not represent an isolated or extreme case." Unfortunately, the rest of the article is all about weight loss, so have your grain of salt.

While Germany is now

While Germany is now telling its soldiers to lose weight, it's nice to note that there's a positive snippet at the end of this article.
"The ladies at the fitness centre stare at me when I eat a cake but I tell them I've got to look after my figure."
Of course, at Cat posted yesterday, some companies would like you to believe that eating cake equals no physical contact with another person.

Can it be? Yes

Can it be? Yes it can! A mainstream magazine saying that thinner doesn't equal healthier. A good read.

Ediets goes too far

Ediets goes too far with this ad, running now on Yahoo! The ultimate in making money off ruining the self-esteem of women everywhere. Clue: if your boyfriend won't touch you because you've gained a few pounds, then your boyfriend is an asshole.

Continuing proof that the

Continuing proof that the word "fat" is seen as bad: a woman on the Sally show was called, plainly, fat. She made the news, somehow, by saying she was offended. It's certainly not a good idea to seek help for health problems on a talk show, but I think it's even worse to continue to carry negative connotations with the word "fat".

While it's still unknown

While it's still unknown if genetics cause obesity, this story wants to say it's due to the parents' genes. Problem is, I can personally vouch for this not being the case in all instances, and I'm sure millions of other people can, too. And this story wants to pin the blame on, of all things, television. Note how they promote this article, though: they bring out the "obesity equals diabetes" line.

Well, well, well, what

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Exercise improves blood sugar without weight loss. More evidence against the myth that fat equals high blood sugar, or fat equals diabetes.

Sometimes, MetaFilter makes me

Sometimes, MetaFilter makes me happy.

This morning on the

This morning on the morning news, a story about big turtles. One was named Bertha, and its weight was 250 pounds. The weatherman chimed in with "A 250 pound woman named Bertha? Nothing unusual about that." For the record, this was Jim Ramsey on WGN.

Paul: Hairspray. And she

Paul: Hairspray. And she gets the hottest guy, too. But that's about it. For some reason I'm reminded of The Girl Most Likely To..., a 1973 movie about a fat chick (they call her ugly in the synopsis) who gets extensive surgery then brutally murders everyone that picked on her before. Hell, I'm surprised it hasn't happened. Here's the movie plot I want to see: A girl's self-esteem suffers because she's too skinny. She tries everything to gain a little weight. Finally, she learns the secret from her fat friends: she diets.

Food for thought: almost

Food for thought: almost every single popular American movie I can think of involving fat people in some way has accented the person's inner beauty. Think about it. Either fat people are accepted only for their minds and not for their bodies, or fat people lose weight and are suddenly fully accepted. Ridiculous stuff, and it looks like both Shallow Hal and America's Sweethearts won't turn that tide. Why? I wonder if the idea of a confident, fully respected fat person who is portrayed as both intelligent and attractive would instill bad thoughts in our kids... like

Fat Like Dat, a

Fat Like Dat, a pretty good read that takes the media and Meridia to task.

Even fat chicks can

Even fat chicks can get laid. Scroll down to the second letter for an attitude adjustment! Not to mention a breather from all the deadly serious stuff we usually post around here.

You remember Anamarie Martinez

You remember Anamarie Martinez Regino, don't you? The child was taken out of her parents' custody last year because she was very obese, and authorities assumed her parents were neglecting her. The parents won, thankfully, and Anamarie was returned to her family. Now a year later, she's only lost 20 pounds, and everyone is scratching their heads. Could it be that Anamarie is simply meant to be fat? Could it be that her remarkably low 900 calorie a day diet isn't doing anything good for her? No, no, finally someone admits it's genetic.

Let's face it: it's

Let's face it: it's not difficult to market weight loss drugs to women, because the remainder of the media likes to perpetuate a very unrealistic stereotype. It's not too surprising, then, that a recent poll shows that more than half the women surveyed would rather lose 20 pounds permanently than live to the age of 90. Ellen Goodman writes an article discussing the diet obsession, and notes the dangers of drugs like phen/fen.

Get ready, New Zealand.

Get ready, New Zealand. Officials want to tax foods based on fat content in order to curb obesity. Because, as everyone knows, eating fat makes you fat.

The Life of a

The Life of a Fat Man, at Ironminds.

A new study of

A new study of 9500 claims that obesity is worse than smoking or drinking. The study is based on the assumption that obesity is directly linked to various diseases, which is arguable. Also, 9500 people as a group... I'm not sure about the size. The study was funded by an organization that supports research on substance abuse.

Catch it soon as

Catch it soon as there's no perma-link, but Carly at Moxie has some comments on Geri Halliwell that I completely agree with.

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