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Moulin Huge, a parody

Moulin Huge, a parody of the similarly-titled film, from the upcoming Teen Choice 2001 Awards. I'm hoping that it's going to be something positive, but that hope is small. More likely: a parody with lyrics that talk about food and being out of shape, and the like.

The idea of a

The idea of a Large-Figured Pride Day is getting panned at HalfBakery. Actually, now it seems it has become a miniature version of MetaFilter's weight-related posts, brimming with ignorance. Very disappointing.

Please read this note

Please read this note about commenting at Big Fat Blog. It's been updated as of August 12.

Maybe it's just me,

Maybe it's just me, but isn't it sad that 10 and 13 year old kids are really worried about their weight? While fat camps hide behind the cloak of, "We want to teach kids to eat and be healthy!" kids really won't care unless they weigh less. It's funny because this camp claims to ease the idea of being hung-up on weight. But look at the kids' quotes, and you'll see that even if this camp does permit really unhealthy foods, it's no matter to the kids unless they drop weight. Also in this story, the landmark

Finally. The Mayo Clinic

Finally. The Mayo Clinic released a report a few days ago saying that if you were fat, you were more prone to having a heart attack. I'd been holding out on this, hoping for some numbers, and finally got them. About 900 people who entered the clinic with heart attacks were taken into account over a 10 year period. But what is it all based on? BMI. The BMI is flawed, since it doesn't take things such as fitness level or body consumption.

If you're here through

If you're here through MetaFilter, greetings. We don't prejudge here.

Boy, I'm tired of

Boy, I'm tired of those Subway ads. While Subway does offer an arguably better fast food option, I'm tired of hearing about Jared's having lost 245 pounds. But what's this? It might not all be true?
Every time you see Fogle and his newly trim buddies munching on subs, curb your enthusiasm. This is not a feel-good story. This is a worst-case scenario of a business turning fear and loathing into profit.
...In other words, nothing new; it's just the latest way to make overweight peopl

Prince Philip, who is

Prince Philip, who is known for his questionable quotes, told a boy he was too fat to be an astronaut.

More inane celebrity statements

More inane celebrity statements about fat suits. Martin Short's Jimmy Glick character is described as a "dimwitted chubby guy." Julia Roberts "jokes" about a support bra "when you're that big", referring to her amazingly huge (cough!) 180-pound weight in America's Sweethearts.

There's a little blurb at the end, with Dawn McDowell of NAAFA weighing in. But it's given far too little space.

Young girls are more

Young girls are more concerned about their body image than ever. It's scary when we have 8-year-olds asking, "Do these shorts make my butt look big?"

A followup to the

A followup to the America's Sweethearts quote a few days ago: saw the movie last night. Overall, it's an okay film... but of course, I'm here to talk about Julia Roberts being fat. The fat suit? Not overly convincing. But still, her physique was pretty much normal.

More disturbing to me was that in every single fat scene, her character Kiki was eating. All the time. In fact, there wasn't a time when food wasn't mentioned around her character - clearly, if anyone is fat on the screen, it's because they're eating too much. Even the thin Kiki turned to food, in mass quantities, when depressed. Some people are like this, yes, and there are psychological diseases that deal with food. But this played far, far too easily into the fat stereotype, and simply continued to ensure that fat people are seen as one-dimensional food-obsessed things.

Another diet company goes

Another diet company goes too far. Dietsmart (whose name is an oxymoron) tells us that thin women make better mothers: This hits home for me because of a co-worker. I'll give her credit for not joining the diet bandwagon--she has simply made better nutrition choices and added daily exercise to her routine--but her reasons for losing weight are disturbing. She has two children, a boy and a girl. When the girl was born, it brought back memories of her own childhood humiliation at having a fat mother (mind you it didn't bother her at all with her son). She decided that, rather than teach her daughter self-esteem no matter what size, she would lose weight to spare her daughter this terrible trauma. I believe at the time I mentioned therapy to her. If this story and Dietstupid's ad make you as angry as they make me, here's their feedback form so you can let them know.

PS: Two years later, my co-worker is a bit thinner--though still fat--and a lot healthier. I applaud her health choices, but not her reasons.

Note: I'd originally posted

Note: I'd originally posted this on my other blog, but it bears repeating here...
In the new movie America's Sweethearts, Julia Roberts portrays a woman who has lost 60 pounds. Because fat is funny nowadays, she dons a fat suit to appear 60 pounds heavier. I finally saw a trailer with the "fat" Julia and, yes, Julia Roberts with 60 additional pounds looks normal. She has the start of a double chin, she has visible breasts... it's like she's real. But, check out this wonderful quote from Ms. Roberts regarding her fat suit:

If a person is

If a person is very fat, and needs medical attention, should an ambulance provide for that person's physical needs? Well, one fat man says they should, given that he's been subjected to the negative end of the spectrum: he says, "I am treated like a dead deer." And he is.

I was rather outraged

I was rather outraged when the German show Big Diet hit the airwaves. It was, in essence, Big Brother but oriented towards weight loss: contestants were locked into a house and had to lose x pounds or get kicked out. Good news: the show's been cancelled.

Here's a really cool

Here's a really cool article offering perspective on the Asian view of fat and a few good questions.
Women pay a high price to make themselves beautiful. Every day, they must skimp on meals, they must exercise, and sometimes they have to take medicine to help them lose weight. This is reminiscent of the long-outdated practice of foot-binding, which had the similar characteristic of preventing the body from developing naturally.

Slate poses the question,

Slate poses the question, do you earn less money if you're ugly? The answer is yes, according to a new study, but take heed: the author deems that fat people aren't beautiful. There's absolutely no clarification within the article: are we to simply assume that what the media deem beautiful is appropriate for all of society? Or are we to have our own ideas of beauty?

At least we have a stat in the article that might be useful to powwow over: if a white woman is 65 pounds overweight, she earns on average 7% less than her contemporary.

Sigh. Thank goodness for

Sigh. Thank goodness for Dr. Lisa Berzins. I saw her on a TV report once; she educates children on size discrimination by wearing, yes, a fat suit and making a point of how differently the kids react to her when she's fat versus when she's not. She comes through with this accurate quote:
"The sad thing is people will pay more attention to a person dressed up in a fat suit than a fat person."
Why? Because fat is being sold as funny right now. Either funny or something to discard, like a cheap suit

Harrumph. Washington state is

Harrumph. Washington state is considering - just considering, mind you - telling its fat citizens to do something about it. Of note is that they consider our growing subway seats and theater seats a bad thing, and they also say it costs a lot to sustain the health of obese and overweight people. Uhm, does this mean it doesn't cost anything to take care of the health problems of the thin and "normal" weight? Have you ever been to a hospital? It isn't cheap, period. But to single out the health problems of the obese and overweight...

[site-related note] NewsBlogger is

[site-related note] NewsBlogger is back. A big thanks to Ev and the crew (of one?) over at Blogger for getting this going again. While BFB wasn't crippled without it, we were hampered. Or at least I was.

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