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The ASDAH's blog, the HAES FIles, has been chugging along. I hadn't visited it for a while and when I checked it this morning, I was thrilled to find that three new posts had been added. I'm including links to them, along with short quotes to provide a little insight into the topics. They're all excellent, but I especially enjoyed reading Michelle May's post on the restriction-is-good meme.

First, honey, I can’t shrink the kids – why the Obamas need a new doctor, by Linda Bacon, PhD

 BMI testing is worse than ineffectual – it’s damaging. The last thing kids need today is more body shame in a culture already hung up on celebrity waistlines and skeletal fashion templates. As a teen recently asked me at a school with an active obesity prevention campaign, “Don’t they understand how it feels to walk through the halls and be confronted with signs that say, ‘we don’t want anyone to look like you’?”

Second, work of art or paint-by-number?, by Michelle May, MD.

There is a harmful meme that has become so widespread, so ubiquitous, that it is accepted as normal. It has subtly integrated itself into our society’s beliefs, thoughts, language, behavior, and reality. It’s so pervasive that it has become “conventional wisdom” and therefore it is rarely questioned...
 This meme is the belief that restriction is healthy. It usually starts with information about nutrition or weight management that mutates into rules and restriction. But the blurring of the line between healthy eating and restrictive eating is the difference between a work of art and paint-by-number. Either way, you end up with a nice picture—until you get up close to take a look.

Finally, public health authorities need to be held accountable, by Lily O’Hara, Section Head for Health Promotion, Health Authority – Abu Dhabi.

 Body size oppression is a social determinant of poor health. Public health authorities are supposed to improve the social determinants of health, not make them worse. They are meant to be working towards health for ALL people.  Governments have signed up to this through a succession of charters at the World Health Assembly. It’s time we held them accountable and demand the adoption of modern health promotion practice that is enhances health for all.

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