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More casualties in the War on Fat

In the Arizona Republic: Liposuction deaths: Phoenix area doctor convicted of murder, manslaughter

An Anthem physician who had three patients die during plastic-surgery procedures in his clinic was found guilty of murder and manslaughter Friday in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Dr. Peter Normann was pronounced guilty of second-degree murder in the deaths of Ralph Gonzalez, 33, of Scottsdale, and Leslie Ann Ray, 53, of California, and of manslaughter for the death of Alicia Santizo Blanco, 41, of Gilbert...

Throughout the trial, which began June 10, Normann's attorneys, John Johnsonand Vikki Liles, maintained that the deaths were accidental, the result of known risks of plastic surgery, and claimed that if Normann, 50, were found guilty, it would mean that all doctors would be liable for procedures gone wrong.

Autopsy findings had listed the deaths as accidental.

But in her closing arguments earlier this week, Deputy County Attorney Jeannette Gallagher said the "combination of incompetence and arrogance in trying to cover up his (Normann's) incompetence led to their deaths."

Gallagher claimed that two of the deaths constituted second-degree murder because of Normann's "extreme indifference to human life," and the third death was manslaughter because of Normann's "conscious disregard of substantial and unjustified risk of death."

This sort of thing is disturbingly common (there were recently lap band-related deaths in New York and in California, for example). However, it is good to hear that there was a criminal conviction in this case.

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DeeLeigh's picture
July 20th, 2011 | Link | I really is amazing to me

I really is amazing to me that surgeons sell these procedures as almost risk-free, then often escape without penalties when people very quickly and directly die because of the surgery. At least it sounds like that one lost her medical license? I mean, is that the penalty when you're found guilty of professional misconduct?

I'm tempted to make a critical comment about the people who choose this type of surgery, but I know how they're treated in this society and what they're told by "experts." Frankly, we're all being pushed hard to become thin at any cost. It's constantly being implied (or stated outright) that we're completely without value as long as we're fat. We told that our bodies are disgusting, are solely the result of character defects, and are either the cause of result of every flaw in our society. It's no wonder that some people are willing to risk a lifetime of discomfort - even death - to look thin.

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