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Marilyn Wann on State-Sanctioned Kidnapping

Foster Care for Fat Children? Gastric-Bypass Surgery? Two Wrongs Call for a Fight.

Thanks again, SFWeekly. Excellent piece.

Last week, major news outlets seemed pleased to report that a Harvard public health expert wants Child Protective Services officials to take fat children from their families.
As scary as that sounds, what David Ludwig advised, in the pages of the Journal of the American Medical Association -- one of the world's foremost medical journals -- is far more terrifying: "It may be unethical to subject such children to an invasive and irreversible procedure [gastric bypass] without first considering foster care."

Finally! An "obesity" fear monger admits that weight-loss surgery -- aka stomach amputation, digestive bonsai, gut lobotomy, gastric guillotine, and having your esophagus stretched to your anus (slight exaggeration) -- is dangerous. Or, in Ludwig's own words, its "long-term safety and effectiveness ... remains unknown, and serious perioperative and long-term morbidity and mortality have been reported." (Translation: You could get very sick or die, for little or no lasting weight loss.)

What kind of choice is this for kids? We cut off your stomach or we cut you off from your family? That's the best advice a Harvard public health expert can offer?

Yeah, I've got a third option. Stop telling fat kids that their bodies are tragic and inherently diseased, teach them the same things about nutrition and physical activity as you would any kid, and let them grow up into normal (fat or thin) people who are comfortable in their own bodies.

Marilyn also includes this very telling statistic:

For every 100,000 children, 11.8 have type 2 diabetes and 2,700 have diagnosed eating disorders.

Please don't try to tell me that all of the panic mongering over childhood obesity and all of the social prejudice against fat people isn't contributing to more and younger children developing eating disorders.

If it becomes acceptable to take children away from their parents because they're fat, how much further will it go? Internment camps for fat kids? It sounds like a distopian future out of a science fiction novel, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's being discussed seriously in some circles. After all, everyone knows that foster parents aren't all that great, on average. If you think that kids are fat because there's something wrong with the way they're being raised, then you'd go in for state-controlled reeducation, wouldn't you? To me, it seems like the unspoken conclusion. If you're reading this as someone who isn't pro-size acceptance and thinking that sounds like it might be a good idea, then give some thought to the history of that type of policy.

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