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Marilyn Wann in SF Weekly

Just a couple of quick links. Marilyn Wann has a new blog entry at SF Weekly, focusing on intersectionality: A 'Big, Fat Parade' Could Expand Livable Space for All of Us

Instead of making long lists of outsider groups who deserve long-overdue welcome and then debating who's deserving and who isn't, what if we were all welcome all the time?

We learn about ourselves piecemeal, but we live one life in one body. We need to be all of the things we are, all of the time. That's how pride intersects with freedom. If you can't be at home in your own body, where are you supposed to go?

Marilyn also reminds us that the No Lose Conference starts tomorrow, July 8-10, in Oakland, CA. It sounds like a great program, and hopefully someone in the fatosphere will be attending and will post their experiences.

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