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It's International No Diet Day!

Today is International No Diet Day! I'd write a long post about it, but Kira Nerusskaya at Fat Girls Float (which is one of the best blog names I've ever seen) has already written the most information-packed, thoughtful, and good-linky post imaginable.

Here's what she's doing to celebrate:

I am taking a pic of everything I consume tomorrow.... a photo documentary, you might say and posting it on Twitter and Facebook.

There's also a beautiful post over at Fierce, Freethinking Fatties, Whak-a-Mole, where drdeah discusses the general ineffectiveness of dieting and other weight loss attempts and uses personal experience as a jumping off point to explore everything from the ultimate failure of liposuction to the mismarketing of intuitive eating as a weight loss method.

The diets not working approach is still alive and kicking in the field of nutrition, weight management and eating disorders. Books on the subject are bountiful (e.g. Judith Matz’ books, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet and The Diet Survivor’s Handbook that explain how restricted eating plans result in destructive, cyclical patterns of binge eating). Unlike Bob Schwartz, Matz cautions people NOT to use this intuitive eating or attuned eating approach as the “Intuitive Eating Diet.” She emphatically reminds a person that giving up dieting demands making a contract with their body that hunger is NOT an option and in turn the client has to accept the fact that this is NOT about losing weight.

If you're in San Francisco, you can build a YAY! Scale with Marilyn Wann: Change a bathroom scale, change a life: Event on May 6, as announced on About Face. Scales and other materials are provided, and the proceeds go to About Face's media education programs.

When – Friday, May 6, 2011 (International No Diet Day)
Time – 7pm – 9pm
Where – Chase Community Room at Chase Bank, 2112 15th St. (at intersection of 15th/Market/Sanchez St.), San Francisco
Tickets – Sliding scale of $20-$40.

Space is limited to 25 people, so buy tickets to reserve your spot today!

And me? I'm not sure how to celebrate. I've been not dieting for a long time. Any ideas?

Oh - and please feel free to add links to other blog posts in the comments, too.

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May 6th, 2011 | Link | Here is a url with more

Here is a url with more international events in case any of us are raising awareness by posting about it:

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