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HAES article in 'Psychotherapy Networker' magazine

Judith Matz has written an article for the newest issue of Psychotherapy Networker: "Recipe for Life: Is Attuned Eating the Answer To Diet Failure?"

Psychotherapy Networker is the most widely read magazine for U.S. mental health professionals.

This article should help to educate therapists on some of the real reasons for the failure of diets (it's not just psychological; it's physiological) and on the principles of HAES and attuned/intuitive eating. It even gives good advice for helping diet-scarred clients.

Hopefully it will make it easier to find mental health practitioners who aren't biased by questionable assumptions about fat people, our character, and how fatness may (or may not) relate to mental health issues.

It's a good article, very comprehensive and well supported, and definitely worth a read.

Shrink-seeking fat people: you might want to arm yourself with copies of this.

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