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Fatosphere blogger needs a hand

I've mentioned it before. I'm a fan of Tasha's Fierce's blog, Red Vinyl Shoes, which explores issues of race, gender, size, and disability. Maybe you've enjoyed reading it too (if not, check it out). She's written classic posts such as As Fat as I Wanna Be, Total Body Conditioning and The Class Dynamic of DIY Clothing. There was a huge debate on Jezebel over As Fat as I Wanna Be and Tasha commented on it here, in a post called My Fat, Your Issues.

She wrote a series of posts for Bitch Magazine, Size Matters, (scroll down for the Size Matters posts) and has a newer blog called Sex and the Fat Girl. She commented on the Size Matters series here, in a post called What I Learned About Fat and Feminism in 24 Posts or Less. The Bitch Magazine link also has a short bio, as does her blog.

Anyway, she's in big financial trouble, as detailed here, at her Chipin donation page. I've contacted her independently to confirm that this is for real, and it is. So, if you have a few dollars to spare and feel like giving something back for the excellent blog and articles, then please help her out.

Tasha, I hope you're back on your feet soon, and I hope that we get the opportunity to read a lot more of your work in the future.

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