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Deb Lemire Featured in Persephone Magazine

Deb Lemire is being featured in Persephone Magazine ("Daily Blog for Bookish, Clever Women"), in the Persephone Pioneers column.

Deb Lemire is a revolutionary, a woman dedicated to helping others feel as good about their bodies as she feels about hers. Through arts and theater, advocacy work and volunteering, Deb has built up a presence as a size activist, challenging the old norms and fears of “obesity” and promoting a health at every size progressive mentality. While it hasn’t always been easy, she has built up an empire based on her creative production company, Queen Bee Productions, as well as her advocacy work for the Association for Size Diversity & Health. The birth of her beautiful daughter in 1997 has inspired her to take steps to create a more accepting and open world to the different forms of beauty that exist and a space for women who feel neglected by a lack of representation of their bodies. Furthermore, she is taking steps to create a more accepting future for her daughter.

Devb founded Queen Bee Productions and is currently president of the ASDAH (Association for Size Diversity and Health), a Health at Any Size (HAES) advocacy organization made up of medical professionals, academics, and activists. Cheers, Deb!

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