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CBC: a HAES story on Ontario Morning

Just a quick link. Yesterday, CBC Radio's Ontario morning had a piece on HAES featuring Jacqui Gingras, a professor at the Ryerson School of Nutrition. It's upbeat and encouraging.

You can listen here.

Favourite quote: In answer to "How do you determine what is healthy for you?"

Healthy... is being able to eat according to hunger and fullness, the signals inside our bodies... our ability to move in an embodied way; to move freely, without pain... to feeling good about ourselves, trusting ourselves, trusting our bodies to know what we need.

Seeking the Straight and Narrow | Study: Fat people benefit the most from healthy habits

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January 4th, 2012 | Link | I've always felt pretty in

I've always felt pretty in tune to my body when it came to weight and it's gain or loss. I knew that when I lost weight especially a large amount it would come back on full force and then some. Having put my self through two WLSs It still happens but not at the same rate. I do feel better when I exercise but feel very hungry afterward. I'm sure it's a normal thing but sometimes it keeps me from doing it even though I know it's a healthy thing to do.

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