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Calls for conference submissions and book submissions

This post contains current or upcoming calls for submissions. The two of the conference submissions are due TODAY. If you have a call you would like posted, please contact me (withoutscene) through my BFB contact page or at
LAST CALL for Abstract Submissions: DUE BY OCTOBER 31, 2011
2012 Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting
March 29 - April 01 in Minneapolis, MN

"Trans/Fat: Toward a Sociology of Fat and Trans/Genderqueer Bodies and Embodiment"
Organized by: Carla A. Pfeffer (
Co-sponsored by the Midwest Chapter of Sociologists for Women in Society

Sociology of the body and embodiment presents exciting new possibilities for studying and theorizing the complex intersections between bodies, identities, and culture, as well as social institutions and structures. In this session we will focus on bodies that are fat and/or trans to consider the ways in which these seemingly-disparate bodies and forms of embodiment are engaged in particular yet similar struggles and forms of resistance across areas that include (but are not limited to): identity, social stigma, medicalization, master narratives, media representations, and identity-based sociopolitical movements. Abstracts/papers focusing on those who are fat AND trans/genderqueer are especially welcome; but much of the work to draw conceptual linkages across and between papers will happen during the session itself.

To submit an abstract for session consideration, click on the link below:
1) Select "Gender and Sexuality"
2) Select "Trans/Fat: Toward a Sociology of Fat and Trans/Genderqueer Bodies and Embodiment co-sponsored by MSWS"
3) Click on the green arrow to proceed with your submission

Last Minute Reminder - Deadline for Submissions is TODAY! (10/31/11)
CFP: Sociology of the Body and Fat Studies Panel at the Southwestern Social Science Association (SSSA) meetings (in San Diego April 4-7, 2012)
Please consider submitting an abstract for consideration and please help me get the word out. :) Papers/abstracts can be submitted to or online at

Fat Studies CFP: Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association (PCA /ACA) National Conference in Boston, MA on April 11-14, 2012

Fat Studies is becoming an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary field of study that confronts and critiques cultural constraints against notions of “fatness” and “the fat body”; explores fat bodies as they live in, are shaped by, and remake the world; and creates paradigms for the development of fat acceptance or celebration within mass culture. Fat Studies uses body size as the starting part for a wide-ranging theorization and explication of how societies and cultures, past and present, have conceptualized all bodies and the political/cultural meanings ascribed to every body. Fat Studies reminds us that all bodies are inscribed with the fears and hopes of the particular culture they reside in, and these emotions often are mislabeled as objective “facts” of health and biology. More importantly, perhaps, Fat Studies insists on the recognition that fat identity can be as fundamental and world-shaping as other identity constructs analyzed within the academy and represented in media.

Proposals in the area of Fat Studies are being accepted for the 2012 Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association (PCA /ACA) National Conference in Boston, MA on April 11-14, 2012 (meeting after, not before, Easter Sunday), at the Marriott Boston Copley Place. We welcome papers and performances from academics, researchers, intellectuals, activists, artists, and others, in any field of study, and at any stage in their career. We also welcome panels and roundtables on a variety of topics under the heading “Fat Studies.”
Topics may include but are not limited to:
·        representations of fat people in literature, film, music, nonfiction, and the visual arts
·        cross-cultural or global constructions of fatness and fat bodies
·        cultural, historical, inter/intrapersonal, or philosophical meanings of fat and fat bodies
·        the geography and lived experience of fatness and fat bodies
·        portrayals of fat individuals and groups in news, media, magazines
·        fatness as a social or political identity
·        fat acceptance, activism, and/or pride movements and tactics
·        approaches to fat and body image in philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology
·        fat children in literature, media, and/or pedagogy
·        fat as it intersects with race, ethnicity, class, religion, ability, gender, and/or sexuality
·        history and/or critique of diet books and scams
·        functions of fatphobia or fat oppression in economic and political systems
By December 15, 2011, please send an abstract of 100 - 250 words or a completed paper to Fat Studies Area Co-Chairs Julia McCrossin (jmccross -at- and Lesleigh Owen (goddess_les -at- Please include your complete contact information and a CV and/or 50 word bio, along with anticipated A/V needs. All submissions are welcome, but please use the information above to ensure your paper fits within the academic and political scopes of Fat Studies. Please also be mindful that Fat Studies is a political project and not merely an umbrella term for all discussions of larger bodies. Also, we encourage submitters to rethink using words like “obesity” and “overweight” in their presentations unless they are used ironically, within quotes, or accompanied by a political analysis.
Presenters must become members of the Popular Culture Association. Find more information on the conference and organization at their website.

Call for Submissions: Fat-Positive Anthology
1500-3000 words
Editor: Virgie Tovar - author, fat activist/lifetime fat girl, and MA, Human Sexuality
Deadline: November 15, 2011

I’m seeking personal essays for a fat positive anthology to be released in 2012. I’m seeking essays that either (1) focus on a specific event/experience that was truly flabulous or (2) tell the story of how you became a fierce fatty. I encourage contributors to hone in on a particular theme—like romance, parenting, family, fatshion, dating, performance—to use as a lens through which to tell your story. Fierce, sassy, thoughtful, authentic, non-fiction, previously unpublished, autobiographical stories from fatties who identify as women are welcome. The vision for this anthology is one of fun, unapologetic fat celebration and love!

Envision the book you would have wanted to read when you started out on your journey to fat positivity. This will be that book for a lot of people. So, share what you know and what you’ve learned, the way you navigate the world, your experiences, and don’t leave out the juicy parts!

Some guiding questions that may help as you’re writing:
-how did you become a fierce fatty?
-how do you create positive spaces in your life?
-what was a pivotal moment or experience that led to fat positivity for you?
-how do you talk to friends/family about being a fatty/fat pos?
-how do you "do" fatshion?
-how does being a fatty impact dating, sexuality and romantic relationships for you?
-has performance (e.g., fat belly dance or fat burlesque) impacted your body love experience?
-what people/communities make you feel fabulous?
-what role does your fierce fatness play into your friendships or family relationships?

Don’t feel limited by this list of suggestions, please!

Please send electronic submissions only. Attach your submission in MS Word (.doc) format to Please include a short bio and your contact information in the body of the e-mail. Please direct questions to the abovementioned email. Also, if you feel you have a great fat pos tale but maybe don't feel ready to take on writing your story, I'm doing a limited number of interviews.

Contributors of accepted submissions will be paid $50 and receive a writing credit in the book.
Please feel free to distribute this call.

Virgie Tovar
Call for Papers: Queering Fat Embodiment
Type: Edited book
Submission deadline: January 15th, 2012
Contacts and editors:
Samantha Murray - (Main contact)
Cat Pausé -
Jackie Wykes -

Against the backdrop of the ever-growing medicalisation and pathologisation of fatness, the field of Fat Studies has emerged in recent years to offer an interdisciplinary critical interrogation of the dominant medical models of health, to give voice to the lived experience of fat bodies, and to offer critical insights into, and investigations of, the ethico-political implications of the cultural meanings that have come to be attached to fat bodies. This focus on the regulation, discipline and representation of fat bodies make it critically invaluable to the advancement of scholarship on embodiment.

This edited collection seeks to publish recent scholarship that embraces ‘queering’ as a mode of critical engagement in examining fat embodiment. Queer is a heterogeneous and multidisciplinary practice aimed at ‘bringing forth’ and thus denaturalising the taken for granted, the invisible, the normalized. This collection seeks to challenge and destabilise existing ideas of fat and fat embodiment both outside of and within the emerging field of Fat Studies. This volume will bring together scholarship from various disciplines in order to examine the ways in which fat embodiment is lived, experienced, regulated and (re)produced across a range of cultural sites and contexts. In queering established ideas about fat bodies, and presenting challenging inquiries/inqueeries into these notions, this collection will represent an innovative and critically invaluable contribution to the advancement of scholarship on fatness, and indeed on embodiment more generally.

Topics may include but are not limited to:
• fat activism and embodiment
• fat mental and physical health
• queer(y)ing ‘hard data’ on fatness/obesity science
• queer(y)ing health policies related to fat
• cross-cultural or global constructions of fat bodies
• cultural, historical, or philosophical meanings of fat and fat bodies
• fat embodiment in literature, film, music, nonfiction, and the visual arts
• fat as queering sex, beauty, gender, and other embodied performances
• fat sexuality
• fat materialities
• fat and space
• fat and biopolitics
• fat and citizenship
• fat and neoliberalism
• fatness and consumption

Please note that we are already in the process of completing a proposal to submit to publishers, which we will complete based on the submissions we receive. We have had some preliminary interest from publishers, but as yet, we have not secured a contract.

Full paper submissions are due January 15, 2012. Articles should range between 15 and 20 double-spaced pages. Please send submissions, along with an abstract of your paper and a brief biographical sketch, directly to

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