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User Registration Temporarily Down

We had some problems with the site two days ago, and the registration system is broken. All the registrations for the last two days were lost, and although there's a truncated registration form still appearing, new users can't be approved right now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Until then, new users won't be able to register at BFB. We're very sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.

'NAAFA Press Releases' Feed added

Just wanted to point out that I've added the NAAFA Press Releases Feed to the column on the left of the BFB layout. Now you can access it as easily as the fatophere blog feeds. I've also hyperlinked the names of the feeds in addition to the icons, to make them easier to click.

I like to open the feeds in new tabs to read them. Here's how to do that in various browsers:

  • On Safari, the shortcut is apple key-click.
  • On Google Chrome, the shortcut is control-left click.
  • On Explorer, Opera and Firefox, it's shift-left click

Help wanted

After a year of running BFB (can you believe it's been that long? Me neither!) I have decided it's time to face up to the fact that I just don't have the time to review applications or get into the forums as often as I'd like, so I'm looking for someone to fill that gap. Please read below and email me at carrie at fatrights dot org if you want to be considered!

Are you a longtime BFB reader and commenter who frequents the forums? Do you feel strongly about allowing conflicting opinions while also keeping this as a safe space? If so, then you might be the perfect person to fill the role of BFB gatekeeper!

Potential Gatekeeper duties:
Regularly review requests for new accounts and allow/deny
Monitor forums and comments for troll-like behavior and eject said trolls

Sounds easy, yes? There's no actual compensation involved, but it is kind of fun to play account god. We get some very interesting account requests...


* Just an FYI, this is not me quitting. I'll still be here for the site, I'm just trying to build up the team that does the admin side so everything gets done and there's not too much on any one person's shoulders.

Fat Rights Coalition to Take Over Big Fat Blog!

Dear Big Fat Blog readers,

Hello! My name is Carrie Padian and I am the president of The Fat Rights Coalition. I'm getting all up in Paul's space today to talk to you about something that affects all of us: the future of Big Fat Blog.

I'm sure many of you freaked out as I did when you read that BFB would cease to exist in its current form on April 1st. The site has become a touchstone for many of us, a way to plug in and reconnect with the movement on a regular basis. BFB and its archives represent an incredible amount of work on Paul's part and I think it would be a real setback for the fat rights movement if that information was no longer available.

That's why I'm so pleased to announce that, come April, The Fat Rights Coalition will be taking on the day-to-day operations at BFB! We will be dividing the blogging and admin responsibilities among coalition members (and anyone else who wants to pitch in) and our hope is to provide the same level of quality and balanced coverage of the world of fat that Paul has given us over the years. With that said, I am interested to hear any comments or suggestions you may have as we begin this project. Please write me at carrie at fatrights dot org and tell me what you think. We're going to be looking for some more bloggers to work with the site on a rotating basis, so also email me if you are interested in writing for BFB.

It will be an interesting transition. I'm sure you'll notice some small changes, some you may love and some you may hate. The important thing is that we keep the lines of communication open. No one website can be all things to all people, but if we're getting something really wrong, I want to know about it.

Thanks for being a part of BFB and the fat rights movement. Keep the feedback coming!

Carrie Padian
President, The Fat Rights Coalition

Big Fat Blog Bids Adieu: April 1, 2009

To the community:

After much consideration, I've decided to cease writing at Big Fat Blog as of April 1, 2009.

It's been a long and incredible journey. A little 5-page website I put up to support my college lecture on sizism back in 2000 ended up being - for a long while - the largest fat acceptance blog on the web; the site lived on to see a community of nearly 3,000 people sign up to join in the fight for fat acceptance and fat rights. I've always, always been impressed with the level of discourse and incredible intelligence of our members.

2008 was a big year of change for me professionally and personally. As has always been the case, BFB isn't my day job. I was able to devote a lot more time to it in the past than I am now, and rather than allow the quality of the site to decrease any further I'd rather simply stop.

The struggle for fat equality is, in a word, hard. But I've been encouraged by things such as the BFB and Fat Rights Coalition (nee COFRA) Think Tanks, the formation of the Fat Rights Coalition, and the number of blogs that have sprouted up. It's pretty amazing to think that just about 9 years ago it was BFB and a bunch of nothin'; now it's hundreds of great resources, written by smart, sharp folks. I hope people are willing to take that activism offline and make some positive change in the world.

Thank you, everyone, for your support over the past 8 1/2 years.


Now, some questions:

So what's going to happen from here?

Effective immediately, no new member registrations will be processed. (As there are a fair number of unprocessed registrations, this is essentially retroactive to early December, 2008.)

As I said at the outset, I'll still be publishing articles to the blog until April 1st. The frequency may pick up a bit. After that point the site will remain up until October 1, 2009, at which point it will go dark; this will allow the Forums to continue on - they've generally seen more activity than the blog itself in the past few months.

What about Big Fat Index and Big Fat Facts?

Both sites will also go offline on October 1, 2009.

What about my data?

I will destroy all personal data (databases) and backups that I have the ability to delete after the site shuts down. I will not sell the data at any price.

What about...

Feel free to ask in the comments below, and I'll do my best to answer.

Thanks again, everyone.

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