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Action Words at Pearlsong Press

Pearlsong Press, founded by psychologist Peggy Elam in 2000, is a publisher that specializes in books that challenge literary conventions on size, age and disability. Pearlsong's collection includes political fat acceptance works like Pattie Thomas's Taking Up Space and works of fiction with protagonists who aren't thin, young and media-approved.

Are you sick of being turned off to authors when their hateful attitude toward size is revealed? I've left books unfinished and never bought another by the same author when I've unexpectedly come across disgusting, fatphobic rhetoric in something I'm reading. A protagonist whose appearance I can relate to? I've never even expected to find that in a novel. It would be too much to hope for. Pearlsong aims to remedy that.

We won't guarantee that all our novels' heroes and heroines are Big and Beautiful like Pat Ballard's — but they won't be "fattist," either, unless that's clearly written as a character flaw...

And here's a recent webcast online featuring Peggy Elam and a few of the Pearlsong authors, discussing age and body diversity:

Audio files of other Pearlsong conversations can be found here, in their archive.

So, I own a couple of Pearlsong's nonfiction books but have never dipped into the fiction. Does anyone have any favorites they'd recommend?

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mailbean May 16th, 2011 | Link | You might want to just have

You might want to just have a link to the webcast, rather than embedding it in the post. It auto-plays every time the page loads.

Interesting to know about those books though.

DeeLeigh's picture
May 16th, 2011 | Link | Fair enough. I'd noticed

Thanks mailbean. You're right. That's annoying. I figured out how to turn off the autoplay.

richie79's picture
May 16th, 2011 | Link | I have and would highly

I have and would highly recommend FatLand by Frannie Zellman, who used to post here periodically under the handle 'fatthought'. Not to be confused with Greg Critser's hateful piece of garbage, which unfortunately shares the same title.

"What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" - Albert Einstein

Wanderer's picture
May 19th, 2011 | Link | Agreed. Having read the

Agreed. Having read the beginning (as a sample on kindle, since I'm broke), it's a well-written what-if that takes the modern divisiveness fostered by "health laws" to its logically absurd conclusion.

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