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Big Fat Blog - BFB for short - was founded in August, 2000 by Paul McAleer and has its roots in size discrimination research he did in college. After giving a lecture on sizism he put his materials on the web... but they soon grew stale. Thankfully there was this new site called Blogger which would allow him to keep the site updated easily, and the rest is history.

Since its inception, BFB has had guest bloggers, co-authors, and contributors, but the majority of the content was written by Paul. In April 2009, Carrie Padian of The Fat Rights Coalition took over content creation and daily management of the site. BFB still focuses on the media as it did in 2000 but has expanded to support the fatosphere with an events calendar, forums, activism, and lots more.

BFB has been recognized as one of the grandparents of the fatosphere, helping in a small way to encourage others to blog about fat acceptance and fat rights. As of August 2008, the site has 2,700 registered members (though many are lurkers or inactive), and averages 65,000 unique visitors each month.

BFB has been featured in many publications and corners of the media including, but not limited to, the San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Orlando Weekly, Australia's The Age, the BBC, MSNBC, CNN, Time, Marie Claire, Figure, and Elastic Waist's The Daily Special.

As of the end of 2011, the Big Fat Blog's front page is being added to by long time members, in rotation. DeeLeigh, one of those contributers, rewrote the user registration guidelines in 2010 to clarify BFB's mission and remove a few remarks that have led to misunderstandings over the years. The current version begins as follows:

What BFB is

Big Fat Blog (BFB) is a site devoted to fat acceptance. We publicize and comment on issues that affect social justice for fat people:

  • Media trends and reporting;
  • Medical research;
  • Societal issues;
  • Stereotypes;
  • Body size in history and anthropology;
  • Fat people's experiences in the world, both positive and negative;
  • Social justice and fat activism.

BFB also has forums that are only accessible to members.

Whether you're just getting into fat acceptance or are a seasoned activist, a HAES-friendly professional, or an ally, we welcome your participation. We welcome people of all backgrounds, orientations, abilities, political persuasions, etc.

What Fat Acceptance is

Fat acceptance has two parts: the political and the personal. Politically, we seek to expose and oppose prejudice and discrimination against fat people. Personally, we accept our bodies and reject the idea that weight loss is a positive goal. We address health and fitness directly, not by using weight as a proxy for health.

Some of us exercise regularly and pay attention to nutrition. That's called Health at Every Size, or HAES, and it often has a bit of weight loss as a side effect. We do not think that deliberate weight change is safe or effective for most people.

What BFB Isn't

BFB isn't a dating site. We don't care if you're attracted to fat people or not. If you need medical, legal, or psychological advice, BFB can't provide it. BFB isn't an open forum; it's for people of a specific ideological persuasion. We enjoy a good debate, but we are not interested in debating whether the basic tenets of fat acceptance are valid nor whether fat people who are self accepting have a right to exist.

Most BFB members are former weight loss dieters, weight loss pill-takers and/or weight loss surgery survivors. BFB is not a place for the discussion of weight loss dieting ("diet talk"). When we do discuss deliberate weight loss, it's generally to provide a counterpoint to the common assumption that weight loss and weight loss methods are always beneficial or harmless.

Grey Areas

If you are in favor of fat acceptance but don't practice it in your own life, then we ask you not to discuss your weight loss attempts on BFB. As always, weight loss evangelists will be unceremoniously booted.

If you're not a fat acceptance person but want to write a guest post espousing a point of view or introducing an idea that might be interesting for us to discuss, then by all means, send it to the administrators via the contact form and we'll consider publishing it. No guarantees.

edited by DeeLeigh in December, 2011

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